The 7/7 Inquests

On BBC Radio 4 this morning John Humphreys was interviewing Reverend Julie Nicholson, who resigned from her church after her daughter was murdered on the morning of 7/7/05.

He asked her, “What do you want from this inquest? We know what the verdict will be, that goes without saying, but what do you want.”

Yes it does go without saying. The narrative is fixed.

There has been no Public Inquiry to disturb this narrative. Nor will any jury be allowed to interject with uncomfortable questions, nor deliberate on the anomalous evidence regarding this great crime.

The J7 website covers all these issues in great detail. An excellent book and four strong films, here, here, here and here, have been made undermining the official story.

Anyone who has read the evidence or watched one of these films MUST have the most serious doubts about the story we have been given re 7/7.

As usual, it is the detailed physical/scientific evidence that poses the greatest threat to the government’s narrative. The witness evidence of the blasts and the ever-changing story re the explosives used are comically incoherent.

Do not expect the Inquest to ask such obvious questions as:

“If these terrorists were determined to murder people on the Tube by blowing up four trains, why did they decide to kill themselves in the process?”

This was quite unnecessary.

These men would surely have heard of devices called electronic timers so they would have known that they could easily have survived to carry out who-knows-how-many-more murderous attacks against the infidel.

” Why is there only one photograph of the bombers together on 7/7″.

The single photgraph of the assassins looks like a poor photoshop job. They are seen arriving at Luton station. There is no one else in the picture. The photo of Hussein in a shop doorway also excludes a wide shot of ‘the public’ including their faces. These pictures provide the only ‘evidence’ that the men were even in London on 7/7.

Central London is covered by literally thousands of CCTV cameras. If the men were here there must be thousands of pictures of them that define their location at every minute of their journeys. the fact that NO photographs have been released showing these men and other members of the public (all the pictures would have included other people) indicates that the photos that do exist must contradict the official narrative and these cannot be released because, even if the time frames were altered, there would be living witnesses who could contradict their accuracy.

No doubt we will read that more photographs taken on the day will be released to the court to be privately viewed by the judge and perhaps representatives of the families but…….if they are not released to the public at large so that that other Londoners can see themselves in these photographs then they cannot be challenged.

By such subtle devices is the story fixed.

As Nick Kollerstrom says, “There is no credible EVIDENCE that these men were even in London on the morning of 7/7.”

Having said that, he does not deny that they probably were.

The best drills require the employment of a pretend enemy. The men drove to Luton. They probably arrived in King’s Cross too late to be in the right place at the right time……as Kollerstrom’s train-time research suggests.

Heigh-ho, what difference is that going to make to a government machine determined to suppress uncomfortable facts at all costs.

Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.