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Lasha Darkmoon — darkmoon July 24, 2016

 When the abnormal has been normalized, it becomes a crime to be normal.


CONCHITA WURST, the bearded drag queen,
winner of the Eurovision song contest in 2014
and promoter of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights

Can you imagine a world in which heterosexuality has been criminalized and straight people are hunted down and killed? I can. It’s on its way.
You may have to go underground if you are perverted enough to prefer the opposite sex to your own, but don’t worry, they won’t compare you to a pedophile — because by that time pedophilia will be all the rage and incest the ‘in’ thing.
Brave New World, stop! — I want to get off!
Pretty soon it will be a crime even to think like that, let alone say it. We are moving into uncharted waters where the old certainties no longer apply. This is what has been planned for us. It didn’t just happen. This is Nietzsche’s Umvertung der Werte—”the revaluation of all values”—in which the traditional verities our ancestors took for granted are kicked into the long grass.
Moral anarchy is the result. Mass immiseration. Universal despair, planned in advance. And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born…?
—  §  —
I was shocked to read an article in the Daily Mail the other day which began by revealing that scores of schools throughout Britain had decided to adopt a ‘gender-neutral’ uniform policy that would allow boys to wear skirts to school in future—and girls, presumably, to cultivate beards if they wished.
Around 40 state secondary and 40 state primary schools have recently changed their dress rules in a drive to be more sensitive to transgender pupils. Schools have been ordered to stop referring to “girls” and “boys” because to do so, allegedly, can give rise to serious misunderstandings and cause considerable psychological trauma.
Henceforth, everyone in school undergoing education must be referred to by the neutral term “pupil”, without specifying biological gender. This is because gender is “fluid” and the person you are referring to presumptuously as a “boy” or “girl” may have very different views to you on that subject. A boy today may feel like a girl tomorrow, and vice versa.
The result is that pupils are now being encouraged “to dress in the uniform in which they feel most comfortable. It will mean children as young as five will be able to ‘come out’ as trans without breaking uniform rules.”
According to the Daily Mail:
“Diversity campaigners have warned schools that current policies risk discriminating against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pupils. However, Christian groups fear that introducing a choice of uniform could confuse youngsters.
Allens Croft School in Birmingham is believed to be the first state primary school in Britain to declare it has a ‘gender neutral’ uniform.
Its rules state that boys can wear a grey or black skirt or pinafore while girls can wear grey or black trousers. It says it aims ‘to promote each child’s right to express their gender and personality in whichever way feels right for them’. ” (See here)
Logically, this means that girls with a surplus of male hormones can come to school sporting beards if they want. Bearded females, like the 40-year-old housewife pictured below, will be encouraged as future role models for schoolgirls who are not sure of their gender identity.

Siobhan Fletcher

feisty role model for the bearded feminists of the future

A feminist colleague of mine has a thing about beards. “If men can have beards” she told me indignantly, “why can’t women? I was given the sack at my last job for growing a goatee beard.”
“Beard luck!” I quipped.
She wasn’t too pleased. 🙂
—  §  —
Head teacher Paula Weaver told The Sunday Times: “Everybody has the right to be themselves. We do lots of work through literature and drama and we talk to children about the fact we have someone who was assigned male at birth who is saying ‘I’m a girl’. It’s about being open with them and about everyone feeling OK.”
Elly Barnes, founder of Educate and Celebrate, echoed Ms Weaver’s politically correct views:
“In some schools, when I have the initial staff meeting and talk about gender-neutral uniforms, the reaction is ‘We can’t do it, parents won’t like it’. But as soon as they do it, they find out there is absolutely no difference.
You don’t get boys coming in to schools suddenly wearing skirts. But it just gives that space for it not to be an issue if there are trans kids.”
I can see some kids getting a bit confused, like the little mite below:

transvestite cartoon

Andrea Williams of Christian Concern, however, takes a more traditional attitude. She argues that gender-neutral uniforms could mean schools were pushing an agenda on impressionable minds. “We are increasingly seeing boundaries being overstepped,” she said, “and it is concerning.”
You bet it’s concerning. It’s more than concerning. It’s creepy.
Take the issue of unisex toilets. If you’re a woman, how would you like a miniskirted serial killer barging into your “safe space” and beating you to the only available cubicle? That is soooo unacceptable!


unisex toilet

HE :  Your first time doing it standing up, is it?
SHE :  Yep, I’m still a learner.
HE : Careful you don’t splash your shoes!
New York City has just launched a $265,000 tax-funded ad campaign to push transgender bathrooms on the city’s residents. There’s nothing now to stop a serial killer—and 99.9 percent of serial killers are males—from freely entering female bathrooms and going berserk. Disturbingly, it’s now a criminal offense in Washington State to ask a man in a woman’s bathroom if he thinks he is male or female.
—  §  —
The Daily Mail goes on to report the case of 34-year-old Emma Symonds from Gloucester. She has a 4-year-old son called Logan who insists on dressing up as a girl. Logan’s (non-identical) twin brother Alfie is quite happy to dress up as a boy, but Logan prefers wearing pretty pinafore dresses and playing with dolls. If Emma dresses Logan in male clothes, he throws a tantrum.
Result: Logan goes to nursery school kitted out in pinafore dresses and “the head of his school has been most supportive.” The only problem is that Logan runs the risk of the other little boys in his class calling him a “sissy”. The government takes a stern view of this sort of “antisocial” behavior and is pouring vast sums of money into training staff to deal with “transphobic bullying.”
All very interesting, but the paragraph that made my eyes pop came right at the end of the Daily Mail article:
“Transgender criminals will be able to choose between male and female prisons under official guidance drawn up by ministers. The policy would mean convicts would be allowed to serve their sentences alongside those of the gender they ‘identify with’, The Sunday Times reported.”
That takes the biscuit. We are living in Absurdistan.
If criminals are going to be free to choose between male and female prisons, depending on which gender they identify with at the time of their conviction, it doesn’t require much imagination to figure out what kind of prison the average  heterosexual male convict is going to end up in—provided he is willing to trade in his trousers for a skirt. What if the Jack the Rippers of tomorrow should claim, “Hey, I now feel like Jill the Ripper!” 
—  §  —
A few words now on the difference between “transgenders” and “transsexuals”.
If a boy likes dressing up as a girl, like the 4-year-old Logan mentioned above, there’s no need for alarm. He could be going through a phase. He could grow out of it.
If he doesn’t, then he becomes a “transgender”, i.e., someone suffering from gender dysphoria, a term introduced officially by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 2012. This means: a profound dissatisfaction with the sex assigned to you at birth. If you’re a boy, you want to be a girl; and if you’re a girl, you want to be a boy.
Many people are confused between “transgender” and “transsexual” and often assume these two terms are synonymous. Let me explain the difference. Consider the tomboy: the little girl with short hair who wants to be a boy. First of all, she could grow out of it. If she does, no problem. She is behaving like most women do: happy to wear female attire, showing a healthy interest in men, and not particularly anxious to acquire a beard or moustache.
If, however, she continues to be dissatisfied with her female sex and would prefer to have a penis and grow a beard, then she has a problem. She is now a “transgender”, suffering from gender dysphoria. She continues to be a “transgender” as long as she holds on to her breasts and refrains from drastic surgical treatment. She can dress up as a man if she wishes, but at least she retains her breasts and can, if she wants, make an effort to pass as a woman again by growing her hair long, wearing skirts and heels, and generally trying to look feminine.
It’s the same with a man. No matter how dissatisfied he is with his male sex and would prefer to be a woman, he remains a man—a transgendered man—as long as he keeps his penis. As soon as he has his penis removed, it’s a different ballgame. He is now a “transsexual.” With the help of female hormones, he will grow breasts and even get himself an artificially constructed vagina.
To all intents and purposes, he is now a woman. And he can be pretty hot, too, with lots of men lusting after him like crazy—as long as they don’t know he was once a man. When they find out the gorgeous female they’ve been wining and dining all evening was a guy with a Charles Darwin beard only a couple of years ago, passion tends to die the death.
However, not always. Sometimes love triumphs. Amor vincit omnia.
What counts is attitude. If your attitude is the politically correct one, you will be perfectly happy living with a transsexual in marital bliss. But you will never be able to have children. The man with the artificial vagina, now officially a “woman”, will always remain a man biologically. She/He  will never be able to conceive.
In 2014 Facebook created a stir when it added over 50 gender options for its billions of users. With 50 different genders on the menu, figuring out what gender you are can be quite a problem for the average dimwit. You have a choice between several bewildering, exotic and overlapping genders. I will list only a few: agender, androgynous, bigender, cisgender female, cisgender male, female to male (FTM), male to female (MTF), gender fluid, gender nonconforming, gender questioning, gender variant, gender queer, intersex, neutrois, non-binary, Other, pangender, polygender, transgender, transsexual, trans-masculine, trans-feminine, “two spirit”.  (To find out what these impressive terms are supposed to mean, see here).
In my humble opinion, the people inventing these terms are all bluffing. They cannot even agree on the number of genders in existence: some of them pontificate that there are 71 genders, others 56, or 58, or 51, or 63. Quite simply, they are making it all up. (Check out these pretentious figures here).
If the astronomers all differed about the number of planets in the solar system, and if the geographers weren’t sure how many continents there were, I think we would be right to take everything they said with a pinch of salt. So it is with these pseudo-scholars of sexual gender. Their inability to make up their minds how many genders there are makes it unnecessary, I think, to believe a word they say. They look like Frankfurt School charlatans to me.
For the various species to increase and multiply, only two sexes have hitherto been necessary. So far the grammarians have contented themselves with three genders: masculine, feminine and neuter. The idea of 50-plus fluid and overlapping sexual genders is almost certainly a violation of Occam’s razor.
E.B. White says it for me: “Trust me, Wilbur. People are very gullible. They’ll believe anything they see in print.”
—  §  —
The latest trendy term for normal people, by the way, is “cisgender.”  If you want to sound really cool, you can shorten this to “cis”, as in: “Are you cis or trans?” (The prefix “cis” in Latin means “this side of”; which is the opposite of “trans”, meaning “across from” or “the other side of”.) With any luck, you will find the terms “male” and “female” buried away in small print among the voluminous footnotes.
The case of Caitlyn Jenner (pictured here on the cover of Vanity Fair) will serve as a useful illustration of the difference between “transgender” and “transsexual”.
Caitlyn Jenner was born William Bruce Jenner in 1949 and is biologically a man, though he insists he is a woman. Though he retains his penis, he dresses as a woman and looks like a woman after receiving hormone replacement therapy and cosmetic surgery. “For all intents and purposes,” he maintains, “I’m a woman.” He says this in spite of that fact that he has never been attracted to men, always preferring women. He has never had “gender reassignment surgery”—which would involve the removal of his penis, turning him into a full-fledged “transsexual”. This is an option, however, he is prepared to consider. (See here)
To clarify and summarize: if you’re a man who prefers to be a woman, you can do this by taking three steps: (a) hormone replacement therapy which will give you breasts and feminize your voice, (b) cosmetic surgery, which will alter your face and make you look more like a woman, (c) by dressing like a woman. However, you can still hang on to your penis in case you change your mind and wish to revert back to being a man. The final step is the removal of your penis: gender reassignment surgery. There’s no going back after this. You are now a “transsexual.”
A “cross-dresser” or transvestite is simply a man who dresses up as a woman or a woman who dresses up as a man. You can be a cross-dresser without cosmetic surgery, hormone replacement therapy, or gender reassignment surgery. These three steps come later, if you are really determined to switch over. One fact remains indisputable: you can change your sex only in appearance, but you can never change your underlying biological gender.

(How long will it last?)

"Would you like to see a picture of me before the operation?"

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

— WB Yeats, The Second Coming