Zionist Fingerprints on Nice Terror Hoax

henrymakow — July 21, 2016

As with 9-11, it appears that Mossad was there to document the event. Indeed they provided the only film record. Salman Hossain considers this and other evidence that Nice was part of a worldwide Illuminati Jewish campaign to foster Islamophobia.

By Salman An-Noor Hossain — henrymakow.com

The “Terrorist”

Nice dummies

Dummies on the scene of the Nice ‘attack’. Click to enlarge

The “official narrative” is that “Mohammed Lahouij-Bouhlel” drove a truck filled with arms and explosives right into a packed crowd and then began firing at innocent civilians.
The truth is that none of this ever happened. This “character” showed no signs of “radicalization.” He didn’t seem out of the ordinary before the incident. He was an alcoholic who drank during the previous Ramadan and was described as being both mentally ill and unfriendly at the same time. The “attack” happened just when France was about to lift its state of emergency imposed after the Mossad/French Intelligence terrorist attack on November 13th 2015 in Paris.
The character was not a religious fundamentalist  of any type.  Unlike the terrorist attack in Bangladesh where the patsies had disappeared for many months (up to a year in one case), this “individual” led a normal life integrated into mainstream society and “suddenly snapped.”



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