Brazil’s Dilma Suffers Setback from Pastor

Lula’s workers party has received a cold shower this weekend. All polls indicated that former terrorist and bank robber Dilma Rousseff should take the presidential election this last Sunday.

In Brazil, it takes more than 50% of valid votes in order for the election to be decided in the first round. Dilma got 46%, and there will be a second round on October 31st (ironically, the Day of Witches).

There are many indications that Poll Institutes are in the pocket of the Party. In the largest state of the nation, Sao Paulo, an adversary candidate to the Senate was ranked as 3rd, but ended first in the election. Dilma was expected to have more than 50% and even 55% (Sensus Institute) of votes. They have lost all credibility.

Dilma faced two main problems in the first round: the first was a huge scandal involving her right hand, Erenice Guerra, who had a gang inside the Chief of Staff Office, selling contracts and privileges for a bribe. Unfortunately, this seems not to have affected Dilma much.

Her main problem was her position on abortion. There is much evidence in print and video that Dilma and the party favored abortion, but she has absurdly denied it, against all proofs.

Even though the party has bought off much of the Masonic (apostate) Evangelical Churches with promises of radio and TV concessions, one man seems to have made a difference.

His name is Pastor Paschoal Piragine Jr, from Curitiba’s Baptist Church. He published a video on Youtube that spread like wildfire. Just one version has almost 3 million visits, and it has been said that all of them combined reach 5 million. What the man said is simple: iniquity is evil in continued form, and the next government is preparing to turn iniquity into law. Simple? Yes, but nobody had the guts to say it.

The 5 million views may not be completely responsible for the turn around, but certainly they helped a LOT. This proves that just one man still can make a difference if he is courageous enough to fight for what is right. He has been threatened, alright, but is still standing. It also shows the enormous power of the internet. Anyone with internet access can check that Dilma is lying. For how long will we have this freedom? Let’s take advantage of it.

Even if you are not a Christian, I recommend you watch the video. It gives a very accurate portrait of the new world order plans for Brazil.

Link for the video (English subtitles).