Bush Fears Assassination; North Korea to Attack After Iraq Pullout?

(November 9, 2003) The mutual funds scandals are growing but there is a frantic attempt to put the lid on. The public is not supposed to get it into its innocent heads that corporate America is nothing but a gaggle of money-grubbing crooks. The books of most banks and major corporations have been cooked for years, the market manipulated ruthlessly and everyone, including the “regulators” on the serious take….put your cash in the mattress, lads…

(Nov 10) Bush is being told by his crew that he had best get his sorry old ass out of Iraq before long or he will never get reelected. What a bunch of losers!…Now we are taking all of our troops out of S. Korea and shipping them, along with cadre from absolutely everywhere, to Iraq. It’s even up that when we leave, the North Koreans will launch an attack. They are nuts enough to do this but Bush can’t do a damned thing about it. They are shipping permanent party out of Okinawa to the relief of the locals who are tired of rapes, fatal traffic accidents caused by drunk or stoned GIs…

(Nov 15) Now the dorks are planning to pull out of our new Vietnam by June. When they leave, Saddam and his men will come back again and scores will be settled. Or, worse, the Iranians will take over the country, set up a Shiite religious dictatorship and we will still be sol. And no oil. Joke here: Bush encountered Lincoln’s ghost in the White House, recently. The Prez asked the spirit how he could make the American people better off. Lincoln said: “Why not go to a play?” From all of our sources, Bush is the most hated President in history but you are never to comment on that.

(Nov 16) ..we were hashing over coverage of the Imperial visits to the boobery. The crew picks some place safe, the SS goes out and covers the place like a blanket, Bush is not allowed to get anywhere near the public. He is so afraid of being shot that when he goes out, he has more guards around him than Cheney or Hitler….no one is allowed near the Imperial Presence except proofmarked loyalists, many of whom are bussed in from three states away, handed pre-printed signs and told to cheer and wave on cue…disgusting theater. Doesn’t fool the camera crews but the Bible Belt laps it up…

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