Jim Stone – Terror a Setup for War

henrymakow.com — July 20, 2016

(Disclaimer- I post this provocative article for the sake of discussion although I disagree with much of it. See my comment below.)

by Jim Stone(henrymakow.com)

isis cartoonNow it is axe man in Germany. This is all just a setup for war. Muslims did none of this, all of these attacks are fake as fruit loops and staged by people who want war. Obviously I do not agree with shipping so many ideologically different foreigners into Europe, but I also don’t believe these foreigners are that much into causing problems of the type we’ve been told have happened.
From the perspective of the Soros/Clinton type elite, if you are going to go to war, you have to make your population hate the people you want to destroy. To do this, you need to make the people you want to destroy look horrible and monstrous, deserving no sympathy at all. You have to make your populations want to endure sacrifice of their way of life, so you can use your population’s efforts and abilities to wipe out that enemy. And that enemy does not need to be guilty of anything at all; you just have to make your population base believe they are.
This so-called “sudden outbreak” of terror came on too suddenly to be a reflection of any real reality. It all started happening after it was made legal to lie about anything you want in the media, with no repercussions being returned to you for doing so. It all started happening when people really began to wake up enough to threaten the corrupted power structure. And if you dig into any of it, it all ends up being fake. Staging it all and reporting “terror incidents” that did not happen will be as effective as real life events, if you control the media well enough. And they do.
Even a mushroom ought to be smart enough to know that when it is openly stated that if Hillary gets elected there will be war with Russia, that someone wants war badly, and these types of psy ops are always a prelude to war.
The ruling elite need war to stay in power. War is the only thing that will set a precedent for them to put in place social policies that will allow their survival now. Tons of Muslim countries are allies with Russia. War with Russia equals killing Muslims. So you have to demonize Muslims to make your populations agree to setting the stage for war with Russia. If you own the media that can happen without Muslims doing a single thing.
It is starting to look to me like our enemies in the power structure are so afraid of Trump getting elected that they are pulling out all the stops and using the media to front lies in the craziest ways. They want war with Russia so badly they are willing to do practically anything to make it happen. Their survival depends on that now, and kicking off war with a slew of Muslim countries that are allied with Russia would be a great way for them to stay out of jail.



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