Satanist Mentions False Flags & Vaccines

[Disclaimer: Although Foszdyke’s views are repugnant, they provide confirmation that the world is indeed run by a satanic cult, the Illuminati. However we must take his predictions with a grain of salt. He boasts that he predicted Julia, the “toilet vampiress,” would remain Australian Prime Minister but he has been wrong about a financial meltdown in September.]

Your readers are great! I love it when they display their puerile Sunday School ignorance and suggest that I repent so as to become like unto them: faith-bound, uneducated and a sufferer of ‘penis-elbow’ full of belief in desperate myth. They accuse me of displaying airs and graces when their only refuge is subterfuge beneath piss-weak scripture! How many widows’ tears, how many starving children, so many battlefields soaked in the young blood of virgin Xtian soldiers and still their two thousands years dead, Jewish, gay bastard saviour hasn’t arrived. Perhaps he doesn’t hear the plaintiff prayers of begging kiddies about to be impaled upon blood-engorged manhood.

I mentioned Jeff Gannon because he worked for one of ours and America’s great, born again President, George W. Bush used to help Jeff bite the White House pillows (when he wasn’t biting these himself). Same with Clinton who liked it both ways. G.H.W. Bush was just into cerebral torture, not sex per se. Reagan was one for children: a grandfatherly figure with a hard-on. The Kenyan has his own predilections, but best to let sleeping dogs lie, for the moment.

For as long as I can remember all American presidents had special needs for which we’ve catered. I was told that Kennedy was basically a whore monger; couldn’t keep his fly zipped. Our British section used Kennedy’s weaknesses when the King of Camelot visited the UK – but that gets me to Dr. Stephen Ward (again).

I write this time to mention false flags. No journalist reports upon proceedings of the Bilderberg meetings even though they are annually attended by all sorts of people. Currently all sorts of interesting things – like lithium and mercury – are being added to America’s tap water to ease population control when the economic depression really starts and who cares? We’ve even got some far more subtle additives being used by way of spiked immunisation shots. As Jesus said, ‘Suffer the little children’. My word they will and who cares?

My Father is the father of lies. Really!

Because Japan was at the forefront of our human control technology I suggest that your incredulous readers look there. Remember I mentioned the seductively beautiful Kazuhiko Saitou and the work he is doing? Everybody laughed. Who cares about the Trilateral Commission? Remember I said that Julia would win the Australian federal election? Everyone was dismissive. So now I mention false flags.

Our Prince is the God of this world. Always was! Always will be! You are either with us or against us. We don’t care about Jesus! We don’t care about Allah! Our Father which wert in Heaven; Our Prince’s time has come!

Sit tight. Have no fear!