Senator Lieberman’s War Crimes

Senator Lieberman’s War Crimes
Brother Nathanael Kapner explains that Senator Lieberman, one of the chief advocates for the invasion of Iraq is now pushing for military action against Iran. With demands that if sanctions don’t work, the military option must be considered

Israel’s Master Plan
“When Israel declared itself an official state in 1948, and with Harry Truman’s immediate recognition, we Jews no longer saw ourselves as a religious group but from there-on-in as a racially orientated political entity”

Obama Boys Bail Out
“Market analysts tell us that when you see corporate executives making for the exit doors it’s time to sell your stocks.” Brother Nathanael Kapner explains that a similar exodus is currently unfolding in Washington

Zionist War on the Middle Classes
159,000 U.S. jobs were lost last September but, the media tells us, because 64,000 ‘new’ jobs were created only 95,000 jobs were really lost. What the media doesn’t say is that these new jobs are for bartenders, waitresses and Hamburger flippers