Was Killer Paid to Carry Out Nice Attack?

Rixon Stewart — July 17, 2016

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“Authorities have yet to produce evidence that the 31 year-old Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, shot dead by police, had any links to Islamic State, which claimed the attack….
“Relative and friends interviewed in Nice painted a picture of a man who at least until recently drank alcohol, smoked marijuana and according to French media even ate pork, behaviour that would be unlikely in a devout Muslim…” (Reuters: “French PM says clear that Nice truck driver was radicalised quickly“)
Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. Click to enlarge

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. Click to enlarge

A few lines from a Reuters report reveal that shortly prior to the Nice outrage, the alleged lone culprit behind the attack had displayed little interest in Islam. According to friends and family, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who was shot dead by police, was anything but a devout Muslim.
He drank, took drugs and even ate pork, all of which are strictly forbidden in Islam. Indeed, according to one cousin, quoted in the Mail:
“Bouhlel was not religious. He did not go to the mosque, he did not pray, he did not observe Ramadan…
“He was not a Muslim, he … beat his wife, my cousin, he was a nasty piece of work.”
Of course this is all contrary to the official narrative. So don’t be surprised in the coming weeks if we aren’t drip fed reports about how Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was somehow converted to radical Islam. Many of these reports will be speculative and some may even be fictitious but their intention will be to sow the idea that Bouhlel was “radicalised” in some way.
But what really brought about his sudden transformation from a less than devout Muslim to fanatical Jihadist? If indeed he was converted.
The fact that Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the Nice attack is telling in that the militant group has strong although covert links with Western intelligence. Some even claim that covert factions within Western Intelligence helped create Islamic State, just as they helped create Al Qaeda before.
Moreover, claims that Western Intelligence is aiding and supporting Islamic State aren’t just baseless “conspiracy theories”. Last year the London trial of a man accused of terrorism in Syria fell apart after it became clear that the evidence about to be presented in court would “deeply embarrass” British Intelligence.
Bherlin Gildo, 37, a Swedish national had been arrested and charged with attending a terrorist training camp and receiving weapons training between 31 August 2012 and 1 March 2013. He was brought to trial at the Old Bailey, London, but the case against him collapsed when it was revealed that the group he was involved with were supported by British Intelligence.
Meaning that if Islamic State was behind the attacks in Nice, as claimed, then Western Intelligence could have been involved too.
According to the Reuters report:
“Officials said on Saturday that people questioned by police had indicated that he (Bouhlel) had undergone a rapid transformation from someone with no apparent interest in religion.”
So what transformed Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel? Or could it be that he wasn’t motivated by any new found faith? Was he in fact motivated by something far more worldly? Rather than being a Muslim fanatic did someone offer to pay for his murderous activity instead?
This last point shouldn’t be dismissed because there are reports that his family in Tunisia say that Bouhlel, whom they describe as “violent” and suffering from “depression”, had a nervous breakdown.
According to his father, Mohamed Mondher Lahouaiej Bouhlel:
“He’d get angry and shout and broke everything in front of him. He was violent and very ill.”
Sounds like ideal terrorist cannon fodder.
Then days before the Nice attack Bouhlel suddenly came into a lot of money.
Jaber Bouhlel

Jaber Bouhlel

His brother told Mail Online:
‘Mohamed sent the family 240,000 Tunisian Dinars (£84,000) in the last few days,’ Jaber Bouhlel told MailOnline.
‘He used to send us small sums of money regularly like most Tunisians working abroad. But then he sent us all that money, it was fortune.
‘He sent the money illegally. He gave cash to people he knew who were returning to our village and asked them to give it to the family.’
Finally he added: ‘My brother is not a terrorist.’
In other words Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was a violent, unstable man who would have willingly carried out the most brutal act if he was paid enough. Did someone from Western intelligence recruit Bouhlel while he was being treated for depression? Did they assure him that he would escape unharmed and then offer him a down payment to carry out the attacks in Nice — with the promise of even more money once he completed the job?
Of course this is speculation but it’s far more plausible than claims that Bouhlel was acting on behalf of Islamic State. Like most recent terror attacks the official narrative falls apart under rigorous scrutiny but these phoney “attacks” are occurring so frequently now that we barely have time to collect our thoughts on one before the next is upon us.
That’s the intention, of course. To disorientate the public and amid the confusion to incite conflict and promote a clash of civilisations between the nominally Christian West and the Muslim world. Why else are the likes of George Soros encouraging a flood of migrants, many of whom are Muslim, to head to Europe? And why else are the French authorities claiming that Bouhlel was a Muslim fanatic, when those who knew him insist he was anything but?
Taken individually, these last few points are bad enough. Put them together however, and you have the ingredients for a perfect recipe for conflict, even war. And it’s being concocted by our intelligence services with the acquiescence of our supposed leaders.

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