ISISrael’s Terror & Subversion in Bangladesh

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By Salman An-Noor Hossain — July 17, 2016

Dhaka -Since late 2015, Israeli “counter terror” expert, Rita Katz and her handlers have been saying that “Daesh”/ISIS has taken over Bangladesh although the evidence suggests otherwise that a network of criminal gangs tied to foreign intelligence (Mossad/Mi-6 and RAW) are operating in the country. With the help of MI-6 and Indian Intelligence, the Israeli Mossad want to create the illusion that Bangladesh is another hotbed of ISIS- Islamic terrorism.
Everyone in the Bangladeshi government tried to downplay Katz’s insane ramblings until  July 1st 2016 (Ramadan 26) when nine gunmen firing blank rounds stormed the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka shouting “God is Great” and turned off the lights and CCTV cameras. They proceeded to divide the expatriates from the locals and tortured the expats to death using sharp weapons (machetes).
The attackers were armed with grenades, guns, and explosives imported from overseas. They killed two police men and the local SWAT team were too scared to enter the restaurant. Less than 12 hours later, the National Army was airlifted from the Sylhet Region – 150 miles away from the capital and raided the restaurant killing 6 out of the original 9. Only one had been captured live. Two of the original 9 gunmen had escaped a few hours earlier suggesting the original masterminds and perpetrators had not been found (most certainly RAW assets).[RAW – Research And Analysis Wing of India – who work hand in hand with the Israelis.]
The weapons were likely cleared and trafficked via the International Airport, which was taken over by a British Security firm – Redline Aviation Security. The Jewish CEO is Paul Mason of Redline Aviation Security who signed a contract with the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) on March 21st 2016 to take control of security at Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport.
Redline Aviation Security is under direct orders from the British Security Establishment. Mi-6 directed by Mossad moles sent over close to 40 men to “supervise” airport security “include manning screening points at passenger terminals and the cargo complex”.  The government was to fork over 9.34 million USD to the British-Based company to carry out “security management” in Dhaka airport.
The “terrorists” were brainwashed and coerced into carrying out the killings by the ntelligence agencies (most probably RAW since most “terrorist” outfits and cutout organizations in Bangladesh have been directed by that entity.)
The photo op that was taken by the men in black tops posing with grins took place during the daylight hours a few days (if not weeks) before the attacks. The pictures were shot under bright sunlight. When they entered the restaurant, they were not dressed in the regalia of “Muslim militants” but rather casual civilian gear as images that have been released to the public show below.
Rita Katz

Rita Katz

Rita Katz and her counter-terrorism experts” at SITE posted the photo op immediately after the foreign expatriates were hacked to death.
The she-devil has been trying to implicate Bangladesh as a Daesh/ISIS stronghold since the attacks on anonymous foreign expatriates started happening in September 2015.
After killing aid workers and investors, attacks against religious minorities (Buddhists, Hindus, Shi’ites) began. The murderers who were caught turned out to be drug addicts/runners and/or contract killers. Al Qaeda/”Daesh”/ISIS are nothing more than a gang of hitmen tied into local organized crime guided by the intelligence services of Israel, India, and the Western world.



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