Remembering a Loving Human Being — July 16, 2016

A Mid Summer Change of Pace

lark bennettLark (left) took in those in need. But one came with an attachment that proved fatal. Lark took in Julie, 45, who was fleeing an abusive lesbian love affair with Pat, 56. Pat confronted and murdered them both in Julie’s home in New Orleans, and  took her own life. Coroner Bryan Bertucci said all three bodies were found in the same room, each with a single shot to the chest. Two of the bodies were found slumped on the floor, the third sitting in a rocking chair. This was July 10, 2005. Our reader, Diane Villere, was reminded of this tragedy by our stories on gays. The media portrayed this as a lesbian love triangle but Diane doesn’t think her good friend Lark was gay. She was just expressing the love that characterized her whole life.

by D. Villere — (

I woke up the other day thinking about my friend Lark, who was murdered just over 10 years ago.  A well known resident of the New Orleans Marigny District, just outside of the French Quarter, Lark was eccentric even in a town known for its flamboyance. I grew up near Lark, and our families were good friends.
Lark lived in a bright purple house, and ran a dog grooming and boarding business in the house next door, called Lark’s Ark.  Over her  lifetime, she rescued thousands of stray animals, grooming them, giving them cute names, and putting them up for adoption.  She worked hand in hand with our local SPCA, grooming for them at no cost, and even boarding dogs that were on death row, until they found a home. Over her twenty or so years in business, thousands of unwanted dogs found their way into homes thanks to Lark.
She drove her Lark’s Ark van all over New Orleans, and would pick up and drop off dogs all over town–for both the wealthy and the not so wealthy. She worked on a sliding scale.
In the passenger seat, sat her large, white standard poodle, Lady Godiva, and on the console, she made a throne of sorts for her little white dog, Delta.  A former stray who was vicious to everyone but Lark, he was her favorite companion–she would laugh about his behavior and say his motto was “Life is Short, Bite Hard !”  She shaved a little Mohawk on his head, which she always dyed green, along with his tail.
lark and delta.jpg Lark was instrumental in founding the Mystic Krewe of Barkus, New Orleans own canine Mardi Gras parade.  One year, her little dog Delta was the reigning King, a great honor.  My Mom snapped a photo of them getting ready for the parade.
Everywhere Lark would go, she would give everyone hugs and kisses, and she would always say, “God Loves You, and don’t forget it.” She told that to everyone, everywhere, every day.


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