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Michael Hoffman — Revisionst Review July 16, 2016

The use of the Revelation of the Method for inducing compliance and docility in subject populations

Who is actually behind global terrorism? The terrorists themselves reveal it. This is a 14 second video of a room where a movie is playing on a TV set. On the TV set the 007 character in the movie can be seen to state to the leader of the Cryptocracy that the leader is behind terrorism in cities in order to convince governments to join a global, all-seeing intelligence network paid for by the Cryptocracy. The articulation of this truth in a Hollywood movie constitutes Revelation of the Method by the Cryptocracy itself. For more on the Revelation of the Method cf. Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michael Hoffman.
“Revelation of the Method is a theory first proposed by James Shelby Downard from his study of antiquarian alchemical manuscripts, and more specifically a phrase contained within them, “Must Be,” concerning the means for inducing inevitabilism (self-fulfilling prophecy) in a target population. Expanded upon by this writer in the book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Revelation of the Method entails the timed disclosure, for purposes of psychological warfare, of previously well-guarded secrets by the secrets-keepers themselves. One component of the Revelation is the expectation that this divulgence of criminal power and perpetration will not result in any meaningful backlash or uprising on the part of the victims to whom the Revelation was made, thus compounding their mental and spiritual servitude.”