The Most Outrageous Conspiracy Theory Ever?

The most outrageous ‘conspiracy theory’ ever is surely the official version of 9/11 touted by the U.S. government and its lackeys in the corporate media.

To add insult to injury however, they seem to think that the public are stupid enough to believe it.

In the official version: a group of radical Muslim terrorists seized control of three flights in the U.S. Armed only with box-cutters the hijackers then carried out an audacious plot that had been meticulously planned and directed from a cave in Afghanistan.

With only limited pilot training and absolutely no experience flying large passenger jets, the intrepid hijackers managed to elude the air defence systems of the most advanced nation on earth.

Finally arriving at their target destination they slammed the airliners into the World Trade Center twin towers, a symbolic act of defiance that triggered the War on Terror and the invasion of Afghanistan.

Without any precedent in history, World Trade Center towers one and two then collapsed neatly onto their own foundations. While World Trade Center tower 7 collapsed without even having been struck by an airliner.

Meanwhile Bin Laden, one of the supposed masterminds behind the attacks eluded invading Western armies and escaped from his hideout in the mountains of Afghanistan.

To make matters worse, Bin Laden, a former CIA asset during the Soviet occupation of Afghanist, continues to evade capture. And even though he has been the world’s most wanted man for nearly a decade now he still remains at large.

Not only has he evaded capture but he regularly issues defiant announcements via the media.

At least that is what those behind the “War on Terror” would have us believe. Yet in its own way, this version of events is more bizarre than the most outlandish “conspiracy theory.”

Nonetheless, dutifully reported by the corporate media, the latest instalment in the Bin Laden saga has the fugitive terrorist criticising Pakistan for its flood relief efforts.

As always, Reuters reports that the authenticity of the tape and its precise release date “could not be immediately confirmed.” What’s more its authenticity will remain unconfirmed until the next bin Laden tape is released when the corporate media will repeat the same line about being unconfirmed etc.

Nonetheless, according to Reuters Bin Laden “is believed to have made climate change a prominent theme” of his latest statement.

His call for action against “global warming” is a relatively new feature in Bin Laden’s repertoire.

“The huge climate change is affecting our (Islamic) nation and is causing great catastrophes throughout the Islamic world,” he is reported to have said in the tape.

This latter statement will add impetus to the global warming alarmists like Al Gore who have been campaigning for the imposition of new taxes world-wide to help fight climate change.

If nothing else, Bin Laden’s latest announcement will add new urgency to their calls. So the fugitive terrorist, who remains at large as the world’s most wanted man, is now becoming a global warming campaigner with all that implies.

As if that wasn’t enough, U.S. counter terrorism officials say they believe Bin Laden and his senior commanders were behind a plan to launch multiple terror attacks across Europe.

However, the plan was foiled by drone strikes in northern Pakistan, or so the corporate media would have us believe.

So even if they can’t kill or capture the elusive Bin Laden, repeated drone strikes in northern Pakistan are justified because they help thwart terror attacks in Europe; at least that is what the authorities and their lackeys in the corporate media want us to think.

All of which brings us back to where we started. The world’s most wanted terrorist continues to evade capture and while holed up in the wild foothills of northern Pakistan plans more devastating terror strikes.

Is history repeating itself or are the “War on Terror” scriptwriters just running out of ideas? Or like the Star of David motif that appears in the backdrop of a video featuring number 2 in Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is this yet more evidence of the fraud that is the “War on Terror”?

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