Spinoza and the Liberal Tyranny

[Editor’s Note: Stephen Volk , the author of “The American Poetry Holocaust” chronicles the influence of Jewish cabalism (Illuminism) on American literature. Here he suggests that liberalism owes a debt to Spinoza’s Cabalistic pantheism. Spinoza identified God with nature. Therefore people no longer had a moral absolute and basis for free will. “Individual freedom” came to mean Illuminism, i.e. cabalistic satanism: “Do as Thou Wilt” instead of freedom to follow your conscience. Media mind-controllers thus had carte blanche to control the mass consciousness.]


By the time whistle blower Abram Lipsky published “Man the Puppet: The Art of Controlling Minds,” in 1925, the permanent liberal beachhead in North America was established. The Statue of Liberty might easily have been swapped for a dark statue of Spinoza, polished by Illuminati Jewish banker Paul Warburg.

Liberal mind control is the unrestrained source of tyranny over North America today. Lipsky’s revelations on thwarting the common man, spell-binding, propaganda technique, education, and instincts and mechanisms, make it clear why his book is almost nowhere to be found today.

The Jews of Spinoza’s day banned him from the synagogue. In the same vein, the Jew Abram Lipsky did his community service. But where are such noble Jews today? Is the Jewish community, by its silence, granting permission to the usurping, subjugating, tyrannizing liberal agenda?

An agenda which grew from the cabalist seed of Spinoza to become the globally unweeded garden – choking truth and beauty – we have today?


Will Durant’s The Story of Philosophy gives insight. Durant reveals, “His promiscuous veracity extended to the mystical philosophy of Gebirot and the Kabbalistic intricacies of Moses of Cordova.”ii

Durant emphasizes, “All philosophy after him is permeated with his thought,”iii: “It was by combining Spinoza with Kant’s epistemology that Fichte, Schelling and Hegel reached their varied pantheisms.”iv

The pantheist Goethe bestowed accolades upon the dark Spinoza.

The scholarly 1910-1911Encyclopedia Britannica Eleventh Edition writes of the dark philosopher, “Spinoza’s philosophy is a thoroughgoing pantheism. God is used throughout as equivalent to Nature.”v

Today, Joseph Carr in The Twisted Cross shows how the cosmology and cosmogony of Nazism is 100% identical to the Marxist New Age, including the pantheism of both. (See “Lucifer Rising Through Illuminati
for more on pantheism.vii)

Indeed, on Mayday 1776 Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati (otherwise known as the Order of Perfectibilists). He was a Jew who had been educated and trained by the Jesuits/Society of Jesus before becoming a Protestant and then a pantheist under the philosophy of Baruch Spinoza! http://rosenoire.org/articles/weishaupt.php

Baruch Spinoza, “brought his pantheism and his determinism with him to the study of Descartes from the mystical theologians of his race.”viii

As Wayne John Sturgeon defined it, “This adoption of pantheism would further develop into an occult-based humanism and a socio-political programme that held the Illuminati’s six basic tenets of doctrine: Abolition of: monarchy and all ordered governments; private property; inheritance; patriotism; the family (i.e of marriage, all Christian morality and the institution of the communal education of children); and abolition of all religion.”

Sturgeon adds, “Globalization and neo-liberalism are doing today exactly what the six points of Weishaupt’s programme was trying to do and achieve through seditious and instrumental action all those many years ago.”


Naturalism denies our freedom and responsibility, and represents our consciousness that we are free as a beneficent illusion. It not only denies man’s immortality, but also assigns to him a place of relative insignificance in the universe.

Both Lennon and Lenin sang, in effect, “Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s easy if you try…” Spinoza, if you will, sang it proudly and Weishaupt picked up the tune…
Reason, according to the naturalistic view, is a product and not the cause of the universe; it is neither its first cause nor its final purpose, but merely a local accident very much restricted in its range and very humble indeed in its function.

The ideals of Goodness, Beauty, Truth, vanish from the world as naturalism interprets it. Naturalism is philosophically insufficient as it is opposed to man’s higher ideals of Goodness, Beauty, and Truth.

In my book, The American Poetry Holocaust, I endeavor to reveal how the naturalistic cabal network destroyed the elements of traditional poetry, forcing naturalistic modern poetry onto North Americans. This is a must read for defenders of culture… http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/the-american- poetry-holocaust/8511546

It is important to remember Spinoza’s pantheism integrated occult Kabbala teachings. “Kabbalism is a system of Jewish mysticism and magic and is the foundational element in modern witchcraft. Virtually all of the great witches and sorcerers of this century were Kabbalists.” reveals William J. Schnoebelen in The Dark Side of Freemasonry.

In conclusion, we don’t have any argument with classical liberalism in terms of individual liberty and equal opportunity. But American liberalism today is concerned with promoting “diversity” as a way of undermining America’s European Christian character. Spinoza’s cabalistic pantheism simply legitimized paganism and ignored God as a moral force and purpose animating life. As a result, people lost their moral compass and were vulnerable to control through the specious appeal for “freedom” and “equality” used by the mass media owned by cabalist (Illuminati) bankers.

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A book on Protestant/Freemason cooperation is long overdue! Freemasonry is known as the stepchild of Protestantism.) My book, Museum of Heretics is a 21st century satire, satire with a purpose, illustrating in a small midwestern American town how Spinoza’s liberalism and naturalism infiltrated the Catholic Church. This book is very, very entertaining, while heightening awareness. http://www.lulu.com/content/hardcover-book/museum-of-heretics/615162

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