The Queen and Sexy Sady need some Heat

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It doesn’t get much better when you can find out that the Queen of England wanted to tap the money set aside for the poor to heat her palaces and dwellings. It’s certain to make a heart feel glad that her Royal Shitstress need not be concerned about the temperature in any of those, oh so many rooms that might happen to be empty at the time. It’s a possibility that any of a number of her lingering and occasionally visiting ghosts of departed ancestors might get the notion to move through some of those rooms and we wouldn’t want them inconvenienced if there were a chance that temperature might have an adverse affect on these wraiths.

One of the first things that came to mind while writing this was an immediate concern that the coffin of the gin-soaked dead Queen Mother might be lying in an unheated coffin. I hope they took care of that from the gitgo, while making sure that conditions were all that much worse in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib and all those other lovely haciendas where those who did 9/11 have chosen to imprison and torture all those people they paid warlords a bounty to snatch off of the battlefields of the wars they engineered as a result of the 9/11 attacks that they orchestrated so that they might extract information from these hapless insurgents who didn’t know nothing about nothing in a sort of sardonic, travesty of a Kafkaesque burlesque of a “You must confess, sign ze papers or I shoot ze dog and sell your daughter to Israel to have sex with a camel on Hebrew National reality TV”.

They can have a soundtrack done by Madonna and kill Palestinian’s in their hovels that get to watch it happen to them. Am I lacking compassion? Am I not attentive enough? I apologize for being clumsy and useless in serving you tea, while you enjoy yourselves. Did you break a nail! Ah… let me attend to thar right away. Let’s put hunger, disease and common human need aside for a moment because; not only did you break a nail but it was your favorite one; my apologies for not having done something sooner. I hope you will let me make it up to you.

I suppose it’s always like this when this long term situation approaches its climax. You’re going to see your share of Marie Antoinette types and all the other surfacing scoundrels, as this chapter, this age, is brought to its summation. It’s only fitting that we see them in all their glory acting just like one would suppose they would act, if one still possessed enough of a mind to be able to come to that conclusion.

The day has arrived and all the bad things that can happen to all of the bad people are about to happen. One might wonder about that, given that they have been getting away with all of this for so long but… sooner or later, the time comes and the moment is there and it all begins to outwork itself according to pure mathematical design, if you prefer or according to the will of some mysterious, unknown agency, if that makes you feel better. One might rightly assume that either infers and proves the other but that’s a personal matter you can sort out for yourselves.

What’s about to happen may even be enough to drag some of you away from your TV’s. You might actually get up off of the couch and walk outside and look around because I suspect it will be dramatic. The idea of ‘as above, so below’ should apply in all cases so if you’ve seen drama and spectacle on your television or in some theater or staging area concerning awards and performances and that sort of thing, you can expect a much higher degree of that in the cosmic working out of things.

It’s the funny thing about being asleep and waking up. Just moments before you were in a dream and then you awaken and… unless the dream was a profound one, it fades quickly away and here you are. You come to yourself and it’s you and you go on as you doing what you do. That’s karma in a way. Karma compels you to go through it and denies you the ability to see a way to transform it because you committed some kind of a crime against someone else and at the same time committed a terrible crime against yourself. That defines insanity to me.

It’s the same thing with being rich and being able to afford whatever you want but someone has more than you do so you should try to have more than them and even go to the extent that you will injure and abuse others just to accumulate what you won’t even use in order to prop up your own sense of self importance. What kind of people are these?

These are also the sort of people who will laugh about it when they think about it because they think it’s funny. That’s a good description of the psychopathic personality. I guess that is where their enjoyment lies. For them, the idea of having a friend or caring about someone else looks like something stupid. Why should you actually help someone else if you don’t get any benefit out of it?

This is how evil destroys itself. You go against your own best interests sooner or later and you get tagged by the very scheme you engaged in. You can see it as math. You can look at it in the sense of sporting competitions where there are rules and violations; penalties and so on and so forth.

People should keep in mind that when you hide things from yourself, because you know what you do is wrong, but you are going to do it because it advances your chances for what you want, then you have put yourself at risk in all kinds of ways sooner or later.

You are playing against yourself. Why is it that people don’t get this? No matter who you are, in a game like that, you win or lose, degree wise, according to what you value and appropriate to the means, methods and so on and so on that you engage in. Am I talking to myself? Yes, I am. You get what you bring, sooner or later. That is the real system and we all live in it. Those who control perception want more than their fare share so they manipulate it to their advantage.

Maybe they think they can outsmart the thing like a poker player, maybe they think luck will happen and maybe they don’t care. The system is not affected by this. This is why short term gains are stupid when they result in long term pains. Simple people can know these things but complicated people have increasing degrees of difficulty about it. Most of the time you can explain this to people and they will nod their heads and do nothing about it because to some degree they are also compromised unto themselves.

As it so happens, this is the time of the awakening and so we are now being able to see a lot of this… if you want to, are willing to, care enough… have earned the right and so on and so forth. You should take advantage of this splendid opportunity to get a clue and more because the chance for personal advancement at this time is very great. You have no idea.

The punishment end is equally so.

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