An Imaginary Reach Around in the mouthpiece of the Beast

I apologize for linking to the mainstream media so much recently but since that is the mouthpiece of the beast who is taking a shit on our dinner table, it’s somewhat unavoidable. Yesterday they were saying that settlers were bracing for the end of the building freeze but today they are saying that Israel is bracing for the end of the building freeze. Here we have the backwards opposite of the truth because… what this means is that these invaders, who are not settlers, are perched and ready, with bulldozers and all the materials they won’t let into whatever is left of Palestine; like stock car racers at the Daytona 500, or some kind of Oklahoma Land Rush, champing at the bit to destroy what’s already there and then build what isn’t.

Why is this particular piece of business, among all the other conditions that might be important, always coming up, like it’s the only thing anyone should pay attention to? It is because the Nazi’s own the media. You may not have heard but the Nazi’s actually won World War 2, just like the British actually won the American Revolution. Your pants are on backwards but you don’t know it and the usual psychopathic, take no prisoners, fountain pen killers are making life a wasteland; while they feed on your flesh and your being as you support them in their purposes.

Israel is maintained as the world’s most important concern, while everything else gets lost in transition and translation or turned into baggage that you carry for them. You’re in the suitcase and you are the monkey and they think it’s pretty funny because the punch line is a punch and guess who screams first?

Are they agents of some other order? Are they the front line for the backdoor where the orders get issued, while you stand there at attention saying, “Thank you Sir! Can I have another?” Well, bend over and wait, because the whole world is watching or not watching or watching something else but it’s still the same unfortunate delivery, which they show you how to put off on someone else …and you don’t want to miss your chance to look like a dancing chicken, as a prelude to arriving as a part of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Family Pack. If my dick was a harpoon, I could knit my sister an ugly sweater and have her wear it to the consecration of your real religious events. As it goes in the moment, I suppose you don’t have to worry about the future as long as you can pay the rent on something that belongs to you but you will have to buy it back again with your industry and desire to help feed the fire that warms them and… what can you say?

As I am writing this, the new headline deals with Abbas who is ah… ah… I don’t know; a guy in a suit who works for The West Bank and I suspect he is in the tank but must have some kind of weight with the punished and oppressed people who are taking up too much space. It seems to me that importing people from other locations, because something is wrong, in some other location is a good thing, because these people who were never there in the first place, now need to push the people who were there before, off of the land they were trying to live a life in… and Abbas is there to negotiate the deal.

There was a guy named Chalabi in Iraq who did that sort of thing, so it’s all cash and carry; stop and shop; slam ironclad buildings down on the heads of hapless residents and torture, torment, merchandize the people as a product for sale, in a place that only belongs to the people it is being stolen from and… what are you going to do about it?

It suspends, it constipates, it percolates and they want you to know it will wiggle under your hard horn for your pleasure. It’s not rocket science and I am no expert at tying my own shoes but how stupid and indifferent must you be when you don’t see that all these people with all this money and force and power and weapons descended on a piece of land that was already occupied by people with few weapons and probably just a lot of gardens and goats and not too much trouble around otherwise, for quite some time, until they arrived.

Now you believe that one of the most powerful financial and military forces in the world is threatened by people who do not possess the same dimension or degree of weaponry? You believe that some formerly helpless peoples from some gulags that were created by these very people to begin with, have a right to a piece of land that somebody else was already living on? The purpose of controlling that piece of land has to do with controlling history and real time perception of why we do what we do every day; like send money to people who already control the presses that make the money that goes up and down in value depending on their whims. Lose your house recently? Are you reading this on a laptop in your camper outside of a wireless McDonald’s? No, you’re probably not reading this at all. It doesn’t hurt my feelings.

In some ways it is unfortunate in my mind that I am born a white man because my heart is of a different color. I don’t have any power besides the words you are reading and my willingness to help you understand that you are serving your merciless abusers while they demonstrate what they have in mind for you in another land and they are laughing at you.

Busy people in suits are riding around in limousines making important decisions about important matters like; the quality of your life, whether you live or die, who gets what and how many slices in the pie. They take the profit that you earn by the industry of your faith in trying to live in a fair world that they are supposed to be working toward but I have yet to see that place. You had this incredible country where you could make real items that worked and lasted, by men and women who cared and who only wanted a fair exchange. These people aren’t even very good at business because successful business has rules that work for those who are good at what they do. What the fuck is going on?

There are good people who can provide the technical side of the dream. There is possibility and variations of all kinds of good ideas that can keep you motivated and willingly to happen out there in the wider mind, if you will stop giving your life away for a shit sandwich on the run.

The point is that the people of the world need to wake up and get a clue. They have got you in a harness and they are laughing about it too. You need to wake up and just step away from the false ideas they sold you that make you a party to the murder and butchery they perform in front of you.

I imagine that the people along the Gulf Coast are getting the sensation. I see where they are doing funny stuff with moving people into more dependent locations of an urban persuasion. I note the corruption of the food and the water as the original is processed into something better with preservatives too. I guess the real thing wasn’t good enough because they want to take that away too.

I’m speaking to the people who will probably never read these words. Most of them never get past the first link in this post; generally Fox gets them first. I can see Roland with his horn blowing loud and clear but there might be some technical difficulties in what you can hear. I know a guy in Iran who had a problem like that at the United Nations the other day.

Well, this is Sunday and tomorrow is Monday and I don’t have an uncle named Bob and neither do most of you; mathematically reckoning. The bad guys have screwed up their own devices so bad and they always do. Now they need a great big disorder to occur so that they can blame it on somebody and get your support to hunt them down and kill them because that is a sure fire economic startup.

I don’t suppose you will read this because something is pulling on your reproductive, self-regenerating force and asking you if you wouldn’t like a little pillow time and tanks are rumbling in your stomach so you probably want to get over to Long John Silver’s for some BP-Monsanto Palestinian’s in a Bucket satisfaction and I don’t want to take up too much of your time. You’re not reading this anyway and you think it tastes so good that you almost wish you could let somebody eat you too. Well baby… they will, they have and they do and you keep coming back again. I feel like I am driving through my rear view window with my dick in my hand. I don’t know what it takes to make you wake up and understand that it’s not funny. It’s not entertainment. It’s you. It’s the other guy going through the checkout counter as the product he is buying when he had the thing he wanted in the first place.

I have to get ready for my own brand new next thing but where do I begin?

End Transmission……

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