Paul Wilshire Report: Postscript

On July 1,1993, Gunther Russbacher smuggled the following information out of the prison where he was being held. Russbacher, a top CIA pilot and marksman, was the son of one of the organizations founders and consequently privy to many of its secrets. Significantly he was also a client and close confidant of Attorney Paul Wilcher. At the time of writing we do not know whether he is still in prison, or indeed whether he is even alive. This is the story of the last day of Paul Wilcher’s life, obtained from a hand written note smuggled out of a high security jail by Russbacher’s wife.

Paul Wilcher Story
1. Paul was picked up at his apt., taken to Vienna, VA where he was questioned as to the Bush, Webster and Carter accounts with London S.W. BCCI

2. He was questioned for approximately 2 hours at which time he was fed pizza. At 3.40 PM on the 18th of June, he was administered .025 mg of Curare via DSMO (as stabilizer). It was applied to the coating of a Pepsi bottle.

3. At the point of death he was beaten to the face to make it look like a mugging…He was then taken to his apt. and as he was in rigor mortis, he was placed on the toilet. He emptied his bowels in another location. The bowel was removed and disappeared. Autopsy serology will show Curare/DSMO in the cardio vascular sack. (Peridenum)

The judge in Chicago died the same way Wilcher did. Judge Parsons was being primed and readied to accept a civil RICO filing.

We were scheduled for a filing 6 – 30 – 93. All documents have disappeared!!!

Several others have died because of these issues. Primary causes of death:

a. Bush/Russbacher video of the return flight from Paris in the SR-71.
b. Documents of the BCCI and BNL moves.
c. Audio tapes of interviews by CIA covert operations…65 tapes, 92 hours.
d. WACO and the CIA, Delta Group involvement.