The Elite and the Chosen People Laughing Game

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Yes… they are revving their engines. A plane from Canada was diverted to Sweden, which coincidentally just had some changes in policy not favorable to The Self Chosen Official Olympic Games Victims and it was on its way to Pakistan. This happened because a woman called on a payphone to say that there was a man on board who ‘might’ be carrying explosives. I guess this means that anyone can, at any time, call the police and say someone is on a plane with explosives and get the plane brought down and have a large news flash in the main stream fecalatorium press. (insert- now it says they let him go) Details are unimportant. Reality is unimportant. Perception is important and off we go.

We should have a pool with a prize to predict the next Israeli false flag because it really can’t be that far off now. I’m going to pick this very Monday. If I’m right I suppose everyone is going to want to know how I knew and… if I’m wrong, I get to pick again. Somebody is going to win something. You can have your choice of Atlanta or Seattle. Wait a minute. You can pick whichever you like. The odds are it won’t be in Mozambique.

You can be sure they have all kinds of side bets going, accompanied by hysterical laughter at how stupid everyone else is. It will be just like all those put options on 9/11 that got traced to Israel and immediately diverted (just like this plane) to another subject.

It’s bad enough that they do these things but they also think it’s funny. It occurs to me that some of us know more about what’s going on than they do. Some of us know it’s not funny what they do. Some of us know that they are going to get their butts kicked soon but they don’t. They actually think they are going to come out on top.

It makes you wonder. If they are in control of so much and so confident, why do they pause and hesitate? If it is at the point where they can laugh in public and do outrageous things for their own amusement, why should they be concerned about opposition? These are the kinds of thing that occupy my mind on occasion.

I’m beginning to see that I have been wrong about a few cardinal issues. It was my assumption, or maybe it’s the general assumption (grin) that the wise guys in The Elite and Chosen People Business know all about everything. Lately I am coming to think that they are in a dream just like the people they have been selling their dreams to, so that they can put them to sleep and then kill them or do whatever else it is that they want to do.

All day, this guy on a plane has also been on the front page of, along with a no credentials starlet and what looks like a used car lot but is actually a bunch of shot up vehicles from the Mexico drug war and we are being encouraged to have compassion for cars. They are laughing at you. They think you are a joke and nothing more than sport. Basically they are saying they can do anything they want to you and laugh at you and get you to laugh along with them. Isn’t that cool?

It goes without saying; since nothing short of cartoon characters appearing on the sidewalk, as if they were real, will convince you that you that you are fish in a barrel, they just have to blow some shit up. It pisses them off that you won’t catch on and call them on it but… of course, if you do, you will have to pay the Kosher Tax. This consists of one more digitized, flesh insertion of the mark of the beast into that bar code on your wrist. Reacting to them requires an apology for having pulled a Mel Gibson.

I’ve been exploring some mainstream media sporting events lately and looking at the crowds in the stands and there you are. You got your face painted like a tiger and the camera is catching the wife of the owner in the skybox or some collection of lives that stand as an example of some kind of success and there’s a whole lot of money and normal seems to be working.

Lots of different guys in shoulder pads and helmets are running into or around each other and that also varies depending on the sport, the location and so and so on. It looks like everything is hunky dory. I never met hunky dory. The name does not suggest a successful blind date but I don’t go on dates and I’m only half blind.

How am I going to feel about being right? I’ll probably feel the same way I would if I were wrong because I’m not in the game or ‘on the game’, except if watching it counts; if thinking and watching and wondering and …maybe some things I’m not going to talk about count then maybe …but I don’t know.

Big headline; all day long “Police detain man on diverted bomb threat plane” is what I see. They are laughing at you. They can’t believe you are that stupid but you are. Someone goes to a payphone and makes a phone call and by now you would think there was some kind of names or reasons but all I hear is laughter and all I see are the busted, shot-up cars of the world they took from you. Are you laughing? Is it funny? Someone goes and sells substandard body armor to the American military which means it’s not Dragon Skin and then goes and spends ten million dollars on a Bat Mitzvah for his daughter and Tom Petty comes and plays. Bono probably would have been there but he was too busy suing his hairdresser for not returning some jeans and a jacket of his. Don’t ask.

What part of “it’s the apocalypse” don’t you get? It’s either the shower scene from Psycho or a naked body in a next door window, depending on your preference and… you can’t see it? They took a trillion dollars of your money and they took money from people all over the world too and they gave it to the bankers, because the bankers were playing Monopoly with imaginary money and fucked it up and now you have to give them your real money because otherwise it won’t be a good thing and they need the money so they can loan it back to you and you give it to them and now they won’t loan you the money and they are laughing about it. Can you blame them?

When protesters hit the streets in London; there in that square mile of reptile excess, the stockbrokers were waving handfuls of money in the upstairs windows and mocking you. They were laughing. Did you think that was funny too? It didn’t hurt? Is it still hurting? I don’t know.

I didn’t spend my time accumulating shit and I haven’t bothered to go running after money because the money doesn’t even mean anything. They change what its worth and they take it away when they want so, what’s the point?

I’ve got a pretty good sense of humor but I’m not laughing at you. They throw people like me in jail just for talking about this kind of thing, at least they used to.

Maybe they know something I don’t and maybe you know something I don’t because I can’t figure it out at all. Maybe somebody is singing, “I don’t like Mondays” and they’re laughing.

I’m not good at technical things and some of you are. Some of you are professionals at all kinds of levels and you go right on contributing to this and I just can’t figure it out. I’ve been writing this for four or five hours because I keep stopping to do something else and now I see they have finally changed the headlines at I don’t suppose that means anything. So you can save Soviet Jewry and win valuable prizes or you can pick the day when they do one more really nasty, vicious act and maybe there will be a prize if you are right. All I know is that someone will still be laughing. I can only hope it’s not the same people.

Laughter is not what we need but somehow it’s funny? It’s a joke and it hurts and you are laughing at it while they put you on ice; so to speak …and I am still wondering… does it hurt? Is it still hurting? Will it start to hurt? Wake up! or…

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