Same Old Same Old don’t say my Name

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Control the perception of the past and you can guide the direction of the future in the mind of humanity as it tries to escape it or…. runs back to embrace it however you choose. This is the key power that the Chosen People faction uses. It was the most important part of getting into Iraq and, of course, Israel and accounts for the eradication of Palestinian names from all the towns they swallowed, along with their control of so called ‘holy places’. It’s not about spirituality. It’s not even about religion. It’s about controlling perception in order to maintain possession.

This is why they tried to engineer their holocaust in the First World War, which didn’t work and went back into it again in the Second World War and why they were contributing sponsors of both in the first place. When you control how things look, based on a manufactured presentation of what happened, you have an argument for government policies to follow into the future for your own benefit. Then you can come up with things like a kosher tax on products; if you own the companies in the first place you get yourself a double dip. This is just one more way that such a small part of the population manages to enrich itself to such a degree. It’s like throwing a punch at someone and then crying out in pain as you deliver it.

It’s important to keep this in mind. This is how religions get perverted; how laws get established and how easier access to routes of commerce can be obtained is to give the impression that something unfair happened to you and it could happen to everyone else too; except that you did it in the first place …and you make up such a tiny part of the population. The best way to get far more than your share of the rights, when you have no majority claim based on presence is to make it look like somebody is always picking on you anyway.

Bad shit happens in the world and it happens to much larger groups of people so… civilizations must have rules along which to operate for both moral and functional reasons. This doesn’t just apply to a small group of mercenary carpet baggers, it applies to any union of psychopaths who want to go into any kind of business.

Jesus Christ wasn’t a Jew to begin with, not in the sense that it applies to what is profiting from that in the present. Jesus was a Syrian. The Palestinians are the people of the bible and DNA tests show this. There is also the matter of different tribes and even a so called Lost Tribe. It’s not hard to figure out that the bad tribes took possession of the possibilities for all the other tribes and then offered up the other tribes as culprits whenever they got caught out at their same old same old, time after time. This is important to remember because there are those who might be members of a tribe who got blamed for what they didn’t do and who could then be later used as examples of someone that something bad happened to, time after time, due to conditions caused by other members who set it up that way in the first place.

They know about the apocalypse and that is why they are all over the map stealing, looting, disfiguring and reinterpreting antiquities in order to manipulate the versions in order to confuse retribution on its way to them as it is now. When you start looking for why and how, it is always best to look at what went down before and see who controls the meaning and to what profit or end.

Names are words; creeds, colors, races; I’ll see you in the vegetable aisle where they sell and also will make you a salad; control the perception and identification and so on and so forth. Everyone does this in the world of lies which are only lies because they are temporary in appearance and do not endure.

So it wouldn’t be a long shot to say that we’re right on the doorstep of false flag ‘mis-adventure’ when you see the mass media putting the focus on Colbert coming to Congress to talk about immigration and giving you a live feed so that you can sit there and watch real clowns watch performing clowns while the final touches are put into place. They’re comedians which is another kind of psychopath who wants to leave a signature dish.

There’s been a suspension of time in the air for some time now. The constipation factor is given and not just because of the garbage many people eat. We’re in the Horse Latitudes of wait and keep on waiting and people are ready to look at one thing while something else goes on behind it.

I mentioned the missiles going to Syria and that was because an astrologer told me something about September 20th and it was close enough to be a guess (grin); seeing as we haven’t seen anything yet. I think we’re looking at things in the rear view mirror being closer than they look but this time it’s my own opinion.

These people are so arrogant that they think they can have sport with it, like trading three months of settlement halting, which never even halted, in exchange for setting Jonathan Pollard loose while Leonard Peltier stays in the caboose. They’re got congressmen waddling around in their Depends diapers lobbying for it. They have the most powerful country in the world walking out of the UN when a president from a Middle Eastern country that they don’t like tells the truth about them. This is what they are after now so they are setting it up AND laughing about it at the same time and most of the world thinks it’s funny too without even thinking about what is happening to them and it’s almost as if they understood it; or am I projecting or making it up? It doesn’t matter. It’s true across the board.

All these things depend on controlling the past because that controls perception and that activates the Barney Franks in Depends and the only reason that ‘Franks’ probably didn’t get a red line under it in my Word program is because of Anne Franks. Anyone want to stab someone with a ballpoint pen?

It gets a little tiresome talking about these things and I have pointed out a lot of them and find them revealing themselves in this apocalyptic state to be just what I already thought was going on and had been going on all the time I thought I wanted to be a singer songwriter in a world full of people who screw you and each other and really don’t like someone like me. It’s bad enough when a lot of talent on some levels is added to a short period of inspiration in order to make a lot of money while still getting a good message out and never solving any needs or problems because that’s where the money is and that is why they spend all their time creating problems for profit and then celebrating on top of it and making jokes about it. The party is going to be over for you people soon enough but it hurts to know that you had to kill those of us who wouldn’t cut a deal, or take a knighthood and whose muse never deserted them and still carry the message. There are a lot of us out here being cherry picked by the chosen to be used and abused and killed if they don’t cooperate. Some you can’t kill and some you torment till they go away but some don’t go away.

I’m not going away and neither are some other people. We don’t cut deals because the message is more important than gold or sex or power or some attractive place. The time of brutalizing those who endured your shit and did not come here to be part of it is over. Go ahead and scramble for cover. I got a feeling that nothing you come up with now is going to do you any good.

Some of us are just not going to sell out at any point ever and you can’t keep it from being said because otherwise it will rise in the people of the world as a real revolution and it will be off with your heads; this time it will be the right heads too, so… you see- we are a danger to you and that is your dilemma.

Oh well, singing in the street on your way somewhere else surely is better than anything the world can offer when it takes away the only thing you value but gives you everything else. For most people that works out okay but it doesn’t work for me.

Should be about time for something really criminal now because when it gets all comical and cheery and quiet, somebody is being raped in a soundproof room, only it ain’t soundproof this time… is it? Because it’s the apocalypse and you do see and pretty soon so will we.

End Transmission…….


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