Organized Jewry as a Nation Dispersant

by Krister, in Sweden – for Henry September 24, 2010


Recently we had a rather spectacular statement from a Jewish women-activist, who some ten years ago, with grants from the Swedish government, founded a Jewish ‘study-institute’ with the name “Paideia”, that seems to be involved in subversive activities. The woman, American Jew Barbara Lerner Specter can be heard saying in an interview:

“Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we [Jews] are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies [sic] that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multi -cultural mode,and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

At the eight-second mark in the video, a parade goes past a doorway adorned with an Illuminati symbol. Is this a coincidence?

Not everyday does a Jew tell us the truth of how active organized Jewry is in subversive activities in foreign societies, it seems that the above declaration is very valuable and probably will reach a large public on the net.

See Kevin MacDonald’s comment: Jews play a “leading role” in promoting multiculturalism in Europe.

Ms. Spectre’s “education group” PAIDEIA is financed by the Russian mafia. The organization was originally financed by the Swedish Government (ca. $ 5 mil.) and with about half of that, from the ‘crypto-Jewish’ Wallenberg family of bankers and industrial wealth. But looking into the matter more closely, we find that Paideia co-works and is financed, by a now four year old Jewish institute (Fund), located in Israel with the name EJF (European Jewish Fund.)

On their board we find several former Soviet moguls, including the notorious Russian oligarch Jew figure, Mikhail Friedman, of Alfa Group. In the early days of internet I remember reading about Alfa Group’s dealings in drugs:

One of those loans, to Russian financial/banking conglomerate The Alfa Group of Companies, contained $292 million to pay for Brown & Root’s contract to refurbish a Siberian oil field owned by the Russian Tyumen Oil Company. The Alfa Group completed its 51 per cent acquisition of Tyumen

Oil in what was allegedly a rigged bidding process in 1998.

An official Russian Government report claims that The Alfa Group’s top executives, oligarchs Mikhail Friedman and Pyotr Aven, “allegedly participated in the transit of drugs from Southeast Asia through Russia and into Europe”. These same executives, Friedman and Aven, who reportedly smuggled the heroin in connection with Russia’s Solntsevo mob family, were the same ones who applied for the EXIM loans that

Halliburton’s lobbying later safely secured. As a result, Brown & Root’s work in Alfa Tyumen oil fields could continue – and expand.

At the ETF homepage, they state they are opposed to Jewish assimilation. In other words, multiculturalism is for the goyim.

“About the Fund – The Fund is also focused on addressing such serious threats to Jewish life in Europe as assimilation, anti-Semitism and racism. Assimilation is without a doubt an existential threat to European Jewry that is becoming ever graver. The threat must be addressed in a serious manner with programs that are aimed at reconnecting people with Jewish life.

So if we put those two Jewish org. partners together as one entity, we find an organization doing everything they can to subvert national identity in Europa and Sweden but at the same time retain their Jewish national identity(i.e. Zionism.) Talk about double standards, or as we say it in Swedish – ‘dubbel moral’ [double morality].

The interview declaration also raises the question: why can’t the woman see the direct connection between the multicultural society she strives for – with it’s mass importation of Muslims – and the Jew-hate here which is such a significant problem here that Jews now are moving to Israel or other countries?

It begs the question, is the woman is totally brain-dead or just thoroughly, brain-washed into the Torahs, Cabala etc,. and as such has been given a license from God to rule us ‘åower standing’ beings, as slaves to the Jews?

The thoughts also make the question, if it’s this kind of fanatical Jews (of whatever sex), that will administer the new gulags and the new prospective genocides, if the Zionists once more get their hands on the bayonets and rifle-triggers, as they did 93 years ago in Czarist-Russia resulting in the largest blood-bathe in history?

Makow comment: Multiculturalism is part of the New World Order agenda to dilute and destroy Gentile national identities. Ordinary Jews need to be aware of the agenda organizations pursue in their name, because they will take the brunt of the resentment.