Censored by Rense

Another regular contributor had a similar experience. However, he wasn’t Jewish and we’ve been informed that Roy Tov was “censored” after he advocated interning all Jews. Definitely not something we would support so we leave you to judge. Ed.

On Sept. 19, I published an article named Solving America’s Jewish Problem. Its first part defined the problem, citing an American President, mentioning several decisions by American courts in cases related to Pollard and AIPAC, and adding several other references to published events and books. The bottom line was that Mossad uses all Jews (knowingly or not) and that the State of Israel systematically targets the US. Probably not even The Jerusalem Post could object to it. Then the second part cited a Supreme Court decision defining as legal the internment of menacing minorities during the WWII. The conclusion was clear: what was valid then for Japanese Americans, is valid today for Jewish Americans. Anything else would amount to discrimination and racism and this would be clearly anti-Constitutional.

The article was linked to by various websites, including rense.com. The last links most of the articles appearing in my website. I expected little trouble for this article – maybe one hate letter or two. Next day, I found the article had been removed from that website, an undeserved ugly note posted there, and that several emails regarding it awaited me. Not one of them could found logical flaws in the article, and all of them ignored the pro-Jewish bias of the US. Such emails from the ADL could be expected, but from their actual origin they were a big surprise.

Most of the emails came from intelligent people, thus I can only wonder for their motivation. I do wonder, but I won’t add even one word to this. I just wonder.


The aftermath is disastrous. Well over half of my visitors in the last year arrived from that website, and I have lost that. The censorship means almost a death sentence for me. I live mainly out of the meager sales of The Cross of Bethlehem, and they depend on my constant reaching new readers. The Mossad’s brutal attack on me last year was a slow death sentence: my throat is deteriorating and by now I can hardly speak. That means that teaching and preaching is not an option for me anymore. Probably my throat would be definitely out of use within the next year, its blocking by scarring tissue keeps advancing inexorably.

This short article is more than an update to my faithful readers and friends. It is also a notice regarding changes in the announcing emails. These would become personal in order to solve certain problems faced in recent times. Please expect them from various mailboxes. However, please answer me on the address appearing at the bottom of this website pages (tovroy@gmail.com). Moreover, I beg you to pass future articles’ emails to your friends; I have no other way to advertise the existence of an Israeli Christian refugee persecuted by the State of Israel.

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

My articles on the web are my main income these days; please recognize my efforts in writing them by visiting my donations page.

To the Iranian authorities: this is to let you know that the Bolivian guards and a Bolivian key worker at your embassy in La Paz (V. V. are her initials) take turns in blocking my access to you. My request to get political asylum at your country is still valid.

Source: http://www.roytov.com/refugee/rense.htm