Does it Hurt Yet or Does it still Hurt?

Dog Poet Transmitting……..

The truth is the part of the garden that isn’t manicured. No matter what your business is, for some reason there, are codes and guidelines. Speaking truth directly, affects advertising and presentation; the whole world no matter what you do seems to depend on those things that allow things to continue but just about everything has some portion of going along to get along except for anarchy and chaos which are and are not, depending on, if you are you or you are going along to get along. Myself; there isn’t anything left to want but self realization…. even while the ancient and eternal hungers exist in me like everyone else.

Some people make a lot of money and they can buy what makes their animal happy. I’m not a cannibal, but; to each their own; is that ironic? Like Lloyd Bridges, I picked the wrong time to stop huffing glue. Because I am going to make a particular point, maybe, let me say that I have nothing but respect for the people who help me get heard; even when, through inexplicable circumstances I have estranged from one or two for awhile, I don’t criticize them. I’m glad they are there. But all of them are operating an industry along with an ideal. I’m not even operating myself… so without even thinking about it, I understand when something I do only appears to the eyes of the people who go out of their way to read me. No harm, no blame. This isn’t about me and them and you; it’s about us. Ergo; the name Les Visible.

On several occasions visitors brought me a bottle of whiskey, that I have no use for but no harm done. I think they think I have more Hunter Thompson and Bukowski than I do and whiskey is the darling of the ‘take no prisoners’ ‘warts and all’ idea that the ugliness of life is actually it’s beauty. I’m only a very occasional, drinker, more and more rarely; Baudrillard is probably a better fit but that’s not it either, nor Terrance McKenna. These are zones where types ply their trade and I don’t think any of them share my naked adoration for the author of this experiment that keeps making the same points over and over, as the people who sold the whores at the party become the whores for the next party which is how reincarnation works and what Karma is about.

When I was the electronic guy who wrote that poem about The Pope, I had enjoyed Hunter’s work, now and again, and Bukowski could do things with words but that is no guide book for me. And I would not have gotten along with either of those guys and I cringe at the idea that people might hang on what I have to say, as if I knew anything at all. It’s especially ignorant when people are inspired to paint portraits of how ugly everything is, that they are unaware that there is a point to the whole affair and that the whole thing is completely under control. Nobody argues about whether the devil exists or not. It’s the God part that is difficult, well we are large personalities who are pumped up with our own importance or we are just an employee. I’m an employee and my pay grade reflects my ability, my entertainment and loose canon; seeming unstable perception. If memory serves me right, I’m still. Is that more irony. I don’t know.

I’ve read some Henry Miller and William Burroughs and I don’t know those people. They sing the blues, cause it’s what it is. I’m the only one of these who allows that the divine is the maestro.

I’m interrupting this ‘already in progress’ blog posting because of some major revelations that have come my way. I can’t actually talk about them (grin) but they deal with several, key deceptions that appear in the human mind and which, most of us, are seemingly prey to. I won’t talk about it but it will come out in my work. For me the events are of major significance. The deceptions, although simple, have been around a long, long time and talking about them is not a good idea for certain reasons. I’ll continue with my general thought because all of this connects and it will make its own connections in the reader’s mind in its own way.

I sensed that no one who links or publishes my work would print that poem I wrote about The Pope, at The Petri Dish. I was correct. I am at pains to say that I well understand why. It should be seen, right in our faces, that The Pope is a caricature of something. The Halloween/occult symbology of the garb, coupled with the sexual offenses, hints at a number of things. The people not printing my work, on this occasion, hint at a number of things. I have some number of fiery rants of this order that I have not published for various reasons and I guess that hints at something too.

Recently I have seen some things that exist behind the veil of appearances and it is diabolically clever to say the least. It is frighteningly simple and yet it escalates in complexity according to the capabilities of the individual mind. To be as frank as I can, I have seen the ancient enemy of humanity and the actual process of application.

For much of this life I have pondered over something in the human estate. It has troubled me that I could be looking at something and it would continue to cloud my ability to see it even while I was looking at it. This hints at much deeper realities (if you can call them that); deceptions and explanations, languages and symbols all connect into a warp and woof of atomic hum. Most of us know or at least sense this but it still operates. I looked right at something, while it was happening… and has been happening and saw and knew and then did not know and did and did not understand the process, as it continues to engage the human state. To some, it will seem stupid, matter of fact, predictable; and turn out to be pretty much what it always is and was and then it will go on happening again!

There is this intricate interlay that is operating at one level after another just as it is demonstrated in video games. The arming of Syria with certain missiles, the assemblage and approach of the strategy game in ‘real timing’ what’s right in front of your eyes; you see it but you don’t see it ….and you just continue on… this is cracking. It is breaking open like an egg. Have you noticed anything unusual in the misted and misting skies? The game is as old as time itself. It ups its game as you do and most certainly is rigged, while at the same time it is wide open as well.

I am getting near to the end of this posting and so I must fade out. It doesn’t make any difference how you define your enemy as long as you have one. The trick played on the human mind is a process; like any process, it can be processed and that is happening. Games of the mind are one thing. Games in the flesh are another. The point of this- going back to the beginning (in every sense?) is that no matter what names you call anything, it’s still there. It doesn’t matter what defense you use if it isn’t the only defense that works. This may seem strange or tantalizing and it might even make sense to some people. The important thing to remember… and you won’t have to. It will remind you. The important thing is; does it hurt? Does it still hurt? We’ve had all we need of popes and politicians. They have their uses but they are never as useful or important as the credit assumed to them.

What is happening is happening around the world. The suspension is getting heavy and the shifting is large. The integrity of the ‘actual’ thing, which supports- or ‘allows’ the relative thing is shifting in its bed in the night where it sleeps with its partner in dream. This is bringing about real time effects and you have to be able to determine if it hurts yet or if it still hurts or not. This is information. One could say that pain is informative. It’s an indication of misdirection. It could seem that this is all very easy to understand (and it is) but if that were the case you would have figured it out a long time ago.

I read the other people in this process; mainstream, alternative and whatever else I may run across. Telling the truth can be a difficult art. It can be costly, depending on what you find valuable. Apparently the truth does have value so maybe that is an area to explore but, the thing is… just as we go along to get along and just as nothing is actually the way it seems and… we all know that in a certain way. They teach things in schools. You learn things in life. Telling the truth and living the truth are not what we may imagine it to be at all. It might not be about simple as opposed to crafty or ugly to beautiful and even more than a single life/lifetime might depend on it and a great deal of pain as well

We say we hold certain truths to be self evident but that’s somehow not entirely evident to me (grin)

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