The Illuminist Hand in South Korea

(Alex is an American ex-pat teaching in South Korea)

“Ew, crazy girls!”. This was the response I received upon showing a female Korean coworker a piece of American culture on the office computer: a photo the infamous kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna at the MTV music awards several years ago.

You see, Korea has long had strong conservative values, and you can say some of the ideas held here by many closely resemble the mindset that people in the United States had during the 1950’s (of course as for the younger generation, not as much).

However, the times are changing. People are more influenced by the media, which is pouring more “liberal” ideas into the minds of the populace. Often it seems, when I raise my head in a restaurant to see what is on the TV, I am greeted with an image of a man cross-dressing, either for fun or just to experiment.

This is happening more and more, and many of the most popular dramas are employing this technique to change Koreans’ mindset. As a matter of fact, there was a film released here called, “The King and the Clown”, which depicted an otherwise heterosexual, polygamous Korean king falling in love with an androgynous man. This film broke records upon its release.

This changing mindset, I believe, is due to the strong influence of the Illuminist West. I remember walking outside one night and seeing two delivery men on motorcycles waiting in front of the stoplight. One had the “Dominos Pizza” logo his helmet, while the guy next to him had the Chicago Cubs logo on his. It feels surreal being halfway around the world from your home and seeing the exact same things you saw growing up. Decades ago, this would not have been the case.

I didn’t really have a strong feeling that something was wrong until I saw a video of Korean pop star Lee Hyori, and a large group of dancing extras behind her, all donning blonde wigs and shades in an attempt to imitate Lady Gaga.

Another sad aspect of the West’s influence here is the common resort to plastic surgery by young girls in this country. Many Korean girls opt to trade in their natural appearance for double-eyelid surgery, just as their Korean celebrity idols have done, in order to get that “western look”. Yes, this is the spirit of globalization at work.


Unification is the dream that South Korea and North Korea will come together as one sovereign entity, after many years of battles, struggles, occupations, and other hardships involving Japan, Russia, China, and the United States.

After Japan surrendered to the U.S. after WWII, Japan naturally lost its grasp on the region (which it raped and plundered for decades when Korea was merely a Japanese colony). To avoid any dispute over what dominant ideology (capitalism/ communism, etc.) would take hold, the U.S. and Russia decided to split it into two, or so the story goes.

The region remained a powder keg ever since. The closest Korea came to reunification was during the Korean War, when ROK and U.S. forces succeeded in beating DPRK forces into a skid mark stain against the Northern border.

But, lo and behold, China would not have this, so it unleashed its army of PLA locusts that completely overwhelmed the capitalist countries and led to their hasty retreat.

Probably the next closest way that Korea could have been unified is detailed in the story I am going to reveal now, and you have never and will never hear this from any media outlets worldwide.

The story comes from an acquaintance who I have worked with for awhile. This guy has many relatives in high positions in Korean government and society, including parliament and even high in the judicial branch. Often one of his relatives would appear on TV. His father was high up in (the assassinated) President Park’s staff.

The story he tells goes like this: one day, when he was a young boy, his father was visited by some very high (most likely military, like his father) officials. I guess they didn’t mind the presence of a child in the room, so he was able to remember what they said.

Basically, what was being discussed was a secret agreement between President Park and Kim Il Sung (Jong Il’s father, the “Great Leader” of North Korea). Apparently, Park and Kim had a closer relationship than most people think. The agreement was that Park and Kim feign animosity towards each other, and act like enemies, but in reality, they would be cooperating with each other to the point of time when the South and the North will finally be reunified.

Part of this agreement was that South Korea would seek to have a strong economy, while the North would have a strong military. After a period of time (about 50 years from the date of the agreement, I don’t know what year this meeting took place) they would finally declare unification.

What most people aren’t aware of is that South Korea was not as economically versatile as it is today, and after the war, the North Korean economy was actually stronger. South Korea’s economy and infrastructure did not start to develop until Park’s administration. The North would lose its economic dominance and instead pour its resources into its military. Even the food rations go to the soldiers first. Maybe that is one perk of being a soldier in the North!

I guess Park and Kim both knew that this agreement would not be tolerated by their handlers (Russia, China, the United States, and the globalist elite that control them), so they kept these contacts as secret as possible. Western intelligence had been spying on them, and was aware of what was going on. The intelligence chief under Park recently died, and I believe he was spearheading the dialogue between the North and the South.

It is an open secret that he made clandestine trips to the North, but nobody ever said what was REALLY said there. However, it has been made public (though most people might not be aware) that he brokered a 1972 agreement where North and South Korea would seek unification by peaceful means, and it is explicitly stated that this will be done WITHOUT interference or reliance on other governments.

As stated before, the West knew what was happening. Soon after, in a manner in which these things in world politics usually work themselves out, President Park was assassinated. I guess this is what many pessimists in the know would call a “timely death”.

The murder was carried out by the head of the KCIA, and one of his closest “friends”. I assume that the United States bought a tighter collar and shorter leash for his successors to wear proudly. The current President, Lee Myung Bak gets invited to speak at the globalist CFR occasionally.

Now you may ask yourself, why would anyone want the North and South separate? I believe there is a man by the name of Hegel (who illuminists just worship who can provide your answer: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. Conflict, Thesis (example: “capitalism”) confronting the Antithesis (example: “communism”), is needed in order to get things done and bring in the coming world government, where Synthesis, or the “global unification”, can take place. The Korean peninsula is a powder keg, just like the Balkans was, and is being kept primed for this to occur. Remember, China wants an Asian union: how do you think they will get hold of South Korea and Japan?

These are indeed interesting times…