“All Options Must Remain”

Although U.S. President Barack Obama says he does not think military action is the “ideal way” to solve the Iranian nuclear crisis, Israel has again implied using military force to deal with the issue.

Speaking after meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen in Washington on Monday, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak insisted “all options must remain”.
During the meeting, Gates is reported to have told his Israeli counterpart that the U.S. shares Israel’s concerns about Russia’s plans to sell anti-ship cruise missiles to Syria.

The deal to sell Russia’s deadly P-800 Yakhont was confirmed on Friday, despite vigorous U.S. and Israeli opposition.

Worth at least $300 million, the deal will see Syria receiving around 72 of the Russian cruise missiles for coastal defence.

However, the main focus of Monday’s meeting was on Iran and the threat it is perceived to pose.

“Iran is continuing to move forward with its military nuclear program despite the sanctions,” Barak said after the meeting. “As far as Israel is concerned, all options must remain on the table.”

His comments come after the commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force announced on Monday that Iran’s armed forces were ready for any eventuality.

Iran has recently begun production of several new domestically developed weapons systems. Including mini-submarines, a guided missile destroyer, artillery and long-range artillery shells, helicopters, aircraft, armed unmanned drones and air defense and electronic systems

Coupled with these Iran has also shown a readiness to deploy its armed forces in various war games and military exercise.

All of which has led some observers to believe that such preparations and developments are being used to deter any Israeli and/or U.S. military adventurism.

So far they appear to have worked but for how much longer is anyone’s guess.