Satanists Encouraged by Lack of Opposition

[Disclaimer: This website abhors the Satanist philosophy and agenda. However we feel useful information can be gleaned from these communications.]

Satanism has two faces, so to speak: the exoteric and esoteric; the public and private. The esoteric is a passionate, life and death doctrine of absolute freedom. The exoteric is an understanding that the sheeple want slavery.

The Teachings of the initial grades outline this fundamental struggle of Lucifer against Ialdabaoth (Jehovah). In most respects the Teachings seem to come directly from “On The Origin Of The World” (see: “The Nag Hammadi Library”) but in many other respects this is not so. My own research (many years ago) convinced me that many of the Teachings come from another source. Matthias was chosen to replace Judas, yet his ‘Paradoxes’ contain much to endear him.

Upon these principles the Alpha Lodge has sought individuals destined for The Great Work and others self-chosen to assist. There are a lot of others but few Destined.

I was one of the Destined. I have raised great spirits, talked with My Lord, foreseen the future many times and fulfilled my Wyrd. I know what is coming and I apprehend that it will destroy the garbage (human and else wise) that must be destroyed.

I have no pity and yet I have compassion for “Compassion is the vice of kings: stamp down the wretched & the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world.”

For slaves, the destruction of slavery, with all of its certainties, is horrific. This was the perception that underpins the foundations of “The Apocalypse of Saint John the Divine”.

This is the fearful loathing of Xtians [Christians] and the little boy who lives down the lane. Yet increasingly Xtians, mainly of the Zionist/Fundamentalist variety, have greatly assisted us. Indeed, without the efforts of many in the Alpha Lodge – before and during my tenure – we would not now be at the endgame phase of our endeavors.

The primary reason I was instructed to seek publication the material of Petor Narsagonan (and indeed my own materials) was to ascertain if and the extent of any opposition to what is shortly due.

If any credible opposition had been detected then some alternate arrangements would, of necessity, have been implemented. I was contacted and asked to discontinue my public statements owing to certain significant details I provided.

One of the main problems, which surfaced about fifteen years ago, was information about academics seeking to destroy the United Nations. The legal and historical information which they had amassed could conceivably have had very significant international political ramifications.

To this end John Malcolm Fraser (former Prime Minister of Australia) was contacted by one of our people and advised. He contacted some initiates — Ian Henke and Frank Coningham, the mathematician who developed the Global Positioning System during the Vietnam War.

The Institute of Taxation Research and its sister organization, The Institute of Constitutional Education and Research were established to collect information on and money from all the malcontents within Australia and New Zealand and provide these people with just enough of the damaging information to get them to take court action but never enough to allow them to succeed.

After three years (1997-2000) there were ample legal precedents via court judgments to ensure that if the information ever raised its ugly head again – whether in Australia, New Zealand or Canada – no one would be bothered to follow it up or use it.

Both Henke and Coningham placed the money they had accumulated from patriotic Australians (and the Australian Federal government at the time) with the Anglo-Irish Bank of Austria.

Then Ken Shaw and his website [] came to our attention and we had to deal with that. Fortunately we no longer care what information is released (even if Ken gets his website back up and we know he’s trying). No one will do anything.

Now nothing stands in our way.

“Law is the product of man. What God can create man can destroy! It is always politics. Even when people obey the law, it is a political decision…For Homo sapiens are herd animals…Freedom is a two-edged sword, [said] Count Hans Kolvenbach.

The economies of the world are freshly painted, spic and span, termite ridden homes. The roofs are about to fall in. We will give the termites word when to bring down the system, just like WTC7 – I mean, didn’t anyone pick up on the significance of the number ‘7’or the building’s trapezoid shape?

The world as most know it is about to implode. The Usher of Desecration will step forward and make way for Vindex. I don’t know who either is and if I did I would not even hint as to their identity.

All greatness is built on sorrow. Think of it as the sufferings of childbirth before a more rational, ordered and honourable world tomorrow. If we could achieve our ends without the culling and misery, we would. But as Lord Acton should have said, ‘Corruption gives power. Absolute corruption gives absolute power.’ It may not be a nice observation but it’s true.

One hundred and thirty-five years after Edward Kelly (the one who didn’t know Enochian) was hanged, an elected Australian government was removed from Office by an unelected representative of an unelected and distant monarch and nothing happened.

What is there to stop us? If the American government can terrorize and kill its own whilst the vast majority of its citizens maintain the hoodwink, what is there to stop us?

If the sheeple fall for global warming without any credible evidence whatsoever and support additional taxation and regulation as some way of curing it, what is there to stop us?

Although we take due credit for the ignorance of the modern masses; ignorance, cognitive dissonance and stupidity nonetheless have a long (if undistinguished) history.

Had a meeting recently with one of our people and he told me that in Russia the newest trend in child films is to take the young girl or boy to a fair and film them on the rides and eating ice cream and confectioneries.

Apparently the look of excited happiness just can’t be faked. All big smiles and wide eyed. Then they film them getting seen too by paedophiles, including their new best adult friend who took them out for their happy time.

All pleading and tears. This new style of realism beats old American whores in school uniforms, pigtails and cosmetic freckles. I guess that’s just the way it is.


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