Was Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch a Mind-Control Programming Site?

By VC — Vigilant Citizen.com June 29, 2016

Neverland. Click to enlarge

Neverland. Click to enlarge

A recently released police report from 2003 reveals that images of underage sexuality, gore, torture, animal sacrifices, S&M and other disturbing material were found at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. These items (and many more) point towards the ranch being used as an MKULTRA programming site.
In my previous articles about Michael Jackson, I explained how he was groomed from a young age to become a puppet of the elite. His handlers not only managed his professional career, but his entire life. He was the product of a corrupt and devious system that gave him fame and fortune, yet destroyed his life and soul. The endless stream of bizarre reports about Jackson, emphasized by his off-putting appearance and demeanor, lead the entire world to qualify him, at best, as a “weirdo” or, at worst, as a child abuser.
Neverland Ranch is the physical manifestation of everything Jackson was about: Boundless creativity, ostentatious innocence … and a hidden, utterly disturbing dark side. A closer look at the items extracted from the ranch throughout the years (through auctions and police investigations) tell a terrifying story about what was happening between those walls.
According to a recently released police report, the ranch was filled with shocking material that were used to groom “young children into lowering their inhibitions”. This lead investigators to claim that Jackson (alone) lured young children to his house to molest them.
However, a closer look a the objects found at the ranch reveal much more than implied: There was a calculated and methodical approach to the madness, one that was clearly about “programming” children to act a specific way. This systematic process, which involves causing trauma in order to cause dissociation is  the basis of Monarch mind control (If you’ve never heard of Monarch programming, read this article first).
Everything about the ranch reeks of Monarch mind control “culture”, from the overall theme, to the artwork, to the illicit programming material. In short, Neverland Ranch was more than a creepy den for Michael Jackson: It was an elite-owned programming site. Michael Jackson was not the one running things – He was programmed to not escape Neverland. Literally.


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