British Ruling Class Rammed Through Brexit to Set the Stage for New Imperial Adventures

Introduction — June 29, 2016

Humanity is faced with a multi-faceted threat.  It’s a conspiracy with many different aspects and its complexity is meant to deceive us into focusing on one particular part to the exclusion of all else. So that we end up blaming either the “Jews” or the “British” or the “East Coast establishment” when elements of all three and more may be plotting together.
The events of Sept 11, 2001, are a case in point. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was strong Zionist involvement in what happened that day. But we also know that elements of the U.S. establishment were also deeply involved, particularly Dick Cheney.
dees_2015_4Anyone who cannot see the multi-faceted nature of the plots we face falls into a trap set by the plotters themselves. The following Webster Tarpley article is a perfect illustration of this.
As the correspondent who sent this in noted: Tarpley echoes a recent article by Thierry Meyssan in which the French writer highlighted how the emerging City of London/Chinese partnership seems intended to create the foundations of new global superpower.
But while Tarpley makes some valid points he also makes some pointed omissions. For example he claims that Trump “is under the spell of the British aristocracy” and that his daughter ” Ivanka finds the society of Chinese princelings genuinely congenial”. Maybe she does and maybe Trump is in the thrall of the British establishment but Tarpley also pointedly omits to mention Trump’s Zionist connections, financial, political and personnel.
Whence this oversight? Is Tarpley really so blind? Or is he working under the instructions of Zionist disinformation agents?

British Ruling Class Rammed Through Brexit to Set the Stage for New Imperial Adventures

Extremist Financiers Play China Card; City of London Laughs as Reactionaries Laud Brexit as Independence Day from Globalism; Can There Really Be an Honest Vote Count in the World’s Most Entrenched Oligarchy?

Webster J. Tarpley — June 29, 2016

During the 20th century, the British Empire/Commonwealth of Nations comprised between one fourth and one fifth of the land mass and population of the world. It was the largest empire in world history. Today, the British Commonwealth of Nations has 53 members, united in allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II. This immense power has now been joined with the People’s Republic of China in a geopolitical combination bent on political and financial aggrandizement. Trump supporters are calling this a victory of freedom over globalism when in reality it is the biggest mass brainwashing job of all time by the City of London for geopolitical reasons. The British establishment has long sought to break out of the European Union and join with China for a policy of brinksmanship and geopolitical adventurism likely to reintroduce war into war into Europe since 1945.

In a world where vote fraud is more and more scrutinized, few are asking whether the United Kingdom, the most oligarchical country on the planet, could ever have an honest election. In a country where no law that is passed by parliament gets final approval without the Queen’s consent, we should ask why the will of the people is suddenly so respected. Or, is there something bigger behind this so called popular rebellion?

Perhaps a British financier clique planned this escape well before any referendum was ever called to give their new imperial plans populist cover. How did sinister hedge fund operators like George Soros know months in advance to invest heavily in gold and take other flights to safety? At the Tax Wall Street Party we assert that it is time to start asking big questions and not just go with our guts because Sir Rupert Murdoch – who championed the Brexit in his tabloids – can make the public feel virtually anything by deploying his pro-imperial propaganda. Why did Trump drive the Brexit propagandist around in his golf cart days after the vote? Is the State Department even aware that the dangerous incompetent and adventurer President Xi of China made a triumphant state visit to London last October, where he sealed a total strategic alliance with the United Kingdom which is the actual basis for Brexit?

While Nigel Farage and Donald Trump claim to bear the standard of a rising tide of “nationalism,” their policies and lack thereof could in fact hasten the Chinese domination of the global economy, the collapse of America, and the path to global war.

It is clear when looking at Trump stroll around his properties in the United Kingdom like the prized Turnberry and Aberdeen that he is under the spell of the British aristocracy. Is Trump in the final analysis more attached to the British/ global ruling class than to anything in the United States? As he reaches the autumn of his years his goal is to leave a less nouveau riche brand for his kids. Less gold leaf and more Burke’s Peerage.

The current economic realities in America – high unemployment, low productive output, declining birthrates, cultural decadence, intractable deflation of food, oil and other values – have not only driven the electorate in unprecedented numbers to alleged “anti-establishment” presidential candidate Trump – they have split oligarchic opinion in two.

This is clear to any master propagandist like Rupert Murdoch, who not only owns the tabloids where he peddled the leave vote but owns the Times which championed the opposite stay vote. Any adman knows that the establishment and elite are out this season and cultural populism is in. Murdoch knows that if his Times said leave then it wouldn’t give the appearance of being a class issue. Clever propaganda can sell virtually anything, even make an elite agenda appear to be a vote from the working class. As long as the New York Times doesn’t support Trump, he can make all his products overseas and in places as enslaved as Bangladesh and still be a populist hero. The man who built Trump Tower with concrete because it was cheaper than Pennsylvania Steel can be today’s champion of the Pennsylvania Steelworkers – as long as Roger Stone says he is the real deal and he doesn’t eat arugula or Belgian endive. Some people will slit their own throat based on their hatred for the elite in service of something far worse.

Trump represents a dangerous response to the decline of the American economy. This response was designed not by Trump himself, who is being revealed in the course of the presidential primaries as an infantile tyrant – unfocused, vindictive, grandiose, devoid of genuine good will, and prone to fits of psychopathic violence – essentially the personality profile of Adolf Hitler and other catastrophic figures. Trump’s intended role – to preside over America’s chaotic collapse – has been assisted by the international bankers and tabloid journalists who now seek to profit off the destruction of our once great nation.

In focusing on how Britain is playing the China card, we need to look back on Nixon’s rapprochement with China in 1972. Here is a comment from one of the protagonists:

“Well, I like Donald Trump. I know him personally […] He describes a problem. The Chinese have made enormous progress economically. Part of our difficulties are that we are not doing at home what we need to do in order to be competitive. And China is going to be a major force in the world. And we have to decide whether we’re going to deal with it by confrontation or by an intended cooperation. If they challenge our fundamental interests, we’re going to confront them.” – Henry Kissinger in 2011

Trump’s favorite daughter Ivanka is more at home with her brand in China than the United States. This is a much bigger issue than production costs, Ivanka finds the society of Chinese princelings genuinely congenial. All of the Trump family’s instincts are globalist.

The coterie around Trump, both now and in his early years, has its roots in the shadow government apparatus of the Nixon and Ford presidencies, and in the corporate raider financier milieu responsible for America’s deindustrialization.

Campaign surrogate Roger Stone (who literally has a smiling, tattooed portrait of Nixon’s face on his back) was a member of the dirty CIA-penetrated CREEP operation that led to the Watergate scandal. Roy Cohn, the infamous blackmail artist and a mentor of both Trump and Stone, was an “informal” legal advisor to Nixon and Ford. Newly-announced campaign manager Paul Manafort employed his own dirty tricks in the 1976 Ford campaign and provided ongoing legal counsel as head of an informal “torturers’ lobby” for Nixon-supported dictators in Africa, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Manafort’s guiding influence helps explain Trump’s frequent outbursts about employing ultra-violence against the families of ISIS militants.

In addition to the Vietnam war, one of Nixon’s most lasting legacies was the opening of the door to Communist China. This can be explained as part and parcel of a longstanding British “triangular” strategy dating back to the Opium Wars: to use China geopolitically against Russia, to make its rivals dependent on the role of international finance and free trade, and to subvert and manage China’s aspirations for economic development. As we will see, the players have switched positions, but the strategy remains the same.

Both now and then, there have been two Chinas: the pro-Wall Street and London faction of Mao Zedong and current president Xi Jinping, and the economic populist “youth league” faction represented by the ideals of Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek, the Tianamen Square protesters, the massacre of whom was praised by Trump:

“When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it. Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength. Our country is right now perceived as weak… as being spit on by the rest of the world.”

Mao Zedong was educated at “Yali,” the Chinese outpost of Yale’s Skull & Bones fraternity dating back to the early 20th century. His role as a de facto British agent was to keep China de-populated, de-developed, and essentially harmless to oligarchic aspirations to monopolize the resources of Southeast Asia, a strategy culminating in the wars in Indochina and the current era of global free trade.

With China under the spell of the Mao faction, Kissinger’s “opening” would succeed in transferring American industry, technical knowledge and money over the intervening decades to China. While China’s rise is impressive and in many ways commendable, it has been managed and made possible only through the triangular trade of Anglo-American finance, cheap Chinese labor, and the sell-off of American technology by corporate raiders like Trump’s “China negotiator” Carl Icahn to Chinese state-owned corporations. Trump blames this process entirely on Bill and Hillary Clinton and neglects the central role of the very people he will task to manage the American economy.

These state-owned corporations manufacture goods for export using technology bought, stolen through espionage, and reverse-engineered from equipment and goods developed by now-shuttered American corporations. To take one of many examples, Chinese state-owned Shanghai Electric is now the owner of America’s formerly world-leading companies in power generation equipment, machine tools, elevators, and printing and packaging technology. This transfer of intellectual property, capital equipment and labor was no accident. China’s rise reflects the preference of international finance oligarchs to counter the formerly industrial US by making China the new workshop to the world.

The reversals of fortune have been astounding and rapid. In terms of productive capabilities and output, China in 2016 looks like America in 1950. China boasts the world’s largest steel industry, the world’s largest construction industry, the world’s most ambitious infrastructure projects, and a “soft imperialism” program helping to develop and penetrate Africa, Asia and South America. While America still has profitable finance and other service industry sectors, its formerly industrial cities like Detroit look like China under Mao Zedong, whose policies of deindustrialization and cottage industry led to mass famine and genocide.

Today China, drowning in American consumer dollars, is being seized upon by City of London banks who have opened major operations in Beijing and Shanghai, and who have convinced the Xi faction (complete with a carriage ride with Queen Elizabeth) to sell China’s sovereign debt on international markets, opening the yuan and therefore China’s economic policy to speculative attack and control by international financiers.

The historical precedents for a Trump presidency offer dark visions of America’s future. Like the ghosts before him, Trump’s judgement is clouded both by powerful revenge fantasies against false enemies, and by misguided loyalties that could ultimately lead our nation to ruin.

Trump as Andrew Jackson: a Bull in a China Shop

The comparison of Trump to Jackson is not controversial. There are numerous and clear historical parallels to the appeal of both men and to their respective historical moments. Contemporary biographer James Parton observed:

“Andrew Jackson, I am given to understand, was a patriot and a traitor. He was one of the greatest of generals, and wholly ignorant of the art of war. A writer brilliant, elegant, eloquent, and without being able to compose a correct sentence, or spell words of four syllables. The first of statesmen, he never devised, he never framed a measure. He was the most candid of men, and was capable of the profoundest dissimulation. A most law-defying, law-obeying citizen. A stickler for discipline, he never hesitated to disobey his superior. A democratic aristocrat. An urbane savage. An atrocious saint.”

– Parton, James, The Life of Andrew Jackson (1860)

While Jackson bewildered many of his contemporaries, he did not fool his most astute rival John Quincy Adams, who lambasted Jackson for transferring America’s public wealth to private banks, nor does his legacy affirm the folk hero image upheld by modern libertarians who fawn likewise over Donald Trump.

Jackson is remembered as having “killed the bank,” which is incorrectly interpreted as driving Wall Street out of the US Treasury. What Jackson did was to kill the public bank of the United States, which set off a speculative frenzy in private bank currencies, a financial crash (the panic of 1837), and nearly three decades of economic depression resulting in the Civil War and stopped only by the genuine nationalist policies of Abraham Lincoln. If Trump praises Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln, he is a damned liar.

Jackson, who had no experience in politics, was faithfully tutored by the treasonous clique of Aaron Burr, Martin van Buren and Chief Justice Roger Taney (a key stockholder in the Union Bank of Baltimore).

Trump’s policy of Mexican deportation would repeat Jackson’s genocidal policy of Cherokee removal on a larger scale. Whereas the prosperous Cherokee died en masse on the Trail of Tears to make way for slave plantations, Mexican families will be ripped apart in favor of low-wage “right to work” (non-union) labor.

When Andrew Jackson effectively aborted America’s economic and infrastructural development with his insane policies, American growth slowed rapidly, and Britain was the chief beneficiary. How? Jackson enabled the spread of slavery and the export of slave-picked cotton to British mills. Britain, not America, reasserted its place as the workshop to the world, and used its textiles and its empire of shipping and finance to conduct triangular trade in the east and the Opium Wars against China.

In this trade pattern, British textiles were sent to India, who sent opium to China, who sent tea and silver to Britain. Britain got not only the better end of the deal in terms of balance of trade, but waxed rich on lucrative shipping contracts and kept its rivals drugged and unable to fight back (despite China’s valiant attempts to ban opium in the wars that bear that name).

Trump, though a billionaire, is not a first-rate oligarch but a nouveau-riche/parvenu/arriviste with aristocratic aspirations. Is he being manipulated with flattery by British financiers much in the way Jackson was?


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