Third World Tsunami Sinks EU — June 27, 2016

migrants clash with police
Europeans have awakened to the genocidal agenda of their traitorous leaders.

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We must not forget for minute that the BREXIT referendum was a gamble, a reaction of the political class to losing control of the narrative, and thus the British public.  The Brits have been coming out of the consensus trance they’ll been held under for seventy years.  The owners of the Bank of England and the BIS in Brussels only rule as long as the public believe they do.
The EU is falling apart because they didn’t meet their true goals before the general public got wise to its real agenda.  Too many people know the goals now: the extinction of the indigenous European, and disintegration of the Nations, in the Biblical sense of the word.  The decision to flood Europe with combat age savages in a hurry was clearly a major error, probably a fatal one for EU masters.
Dees: European migrant crisis. Click to enlarge

Dees: European migrant crisis. Click to enlarge

Remember; there were nationalist riots in London in May 2015 with the re-election of Cameron. There were riots in 2014.  Cameron gambled that a BREXIT referendum would fail.  If it had, his government could have claimed to beneficiary of the people’s mandate and proceed to use force against rising opposition.
We anticipated exactly what to expect for the rest of the year.  Media will blame the British public for the economic collapse that’s been in progress anyway.  The Crown will shuffle its deck of puppets to hold onto Number 10 Downing Street.   While eyes are on Boris Johnson initially, he’s already under suspicion, so more likely they’ll use a new broom.  Probably Tory MP Theresa May.
Theresa May is the only Tory who can stop Boris Johnston becoming PM
Her ‘cred’ is having given a speech against rampant immigration, but when you examine the fine print, she’s lying.  Like Cameron, for three years she’s been pushing the notion that Britain could have it’s cake with the EU and eat it too.  (For a reminder how that sort of thing pans out, see Trump’s story about the lady and the snake.)
Here’s Theresa May trying to sell some snake oil on BBC in 2013
Nigel Farage vs Theresa May (06 Oct13)  liar politicians



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