Exile in Thailand Better Than Exile at Home – US Retiree

henrymakow.com — June 25, 2016

pad-thaiMarcus who retired to Bangkok says the many drawbacks are manageable compared to the increasing “insanity of the West.”
(Disclaimer– We are not endorsing sexual mores described herein.)

by Marcus — henrymakow.com

I am a retired businessman from the USA, now living in Thailand for 10 years.  This is encouragement for other white men that escape is possible and life outside The West can be safe and pleasant.
 My primary goals in escaping were:
  1. Escape from the worship of Negros that has overwhelmed my country, the USA. 2. Escape from Femi-Nazis.  Escape from the social construct that females are always right and men are always wrong.  3. Escape from the suffocating insanity of political correctness, “PC”.  4. Escape from the mushrooming “security state”.  Everywhere cameras, security inspections, ID badges, and the overwhelming gloom of suspicion.
 I’ve found that life outside The West can be far more safe, and very pleasant, too. albeit not heaven on earth.  For the first year, my yearnings for warm weather, exotic food, available women, etc, were totally satisfied here.  But then, slowly, things began to go change.  My honeymoon here came to an end.
The smiling mask of “welcome” started to come off once the locals realized that I was living here, not just visiting.  They had been happy to see me staying at an expensive hotel, eating in tourist restaurants, spending big money, and leaving tips.  But they were not so pleased to see me at the local supermarket buying bread, cheese, and mayonnaise to make lunch at home.   I hadn’t expected that change in attitude.
Staying in a hotel is wonderful:  inviting swimming pool, maid service every morning, room service 24 hours.  On the other hand, renting a local apartment is quite different.   Yes, a swimming pool, but the water is dirty green because the filter hasn’t been cleaned in months.  Hiring a maid to to clean and do laundry is awkward if you don’t speak her  language.   Plus, finding a maid who won’t steal too much is even more difficult.  Those cheese sandwiches are far less glamorous than room service.  So full time living here is not at all like a vacation holiday.  Still, compared to the risks “back home”, I’ll stay here.


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