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News Brief — June 24, 2016

Leave campaign supporters watch referendum results inn London

Leave campaign supporters watch referendum results announced in London. Click to enlarge

The shock Brexit win has had an impact beyond the City of London and the financial markets. The European Union’s bureaucrats worst nightmare could become a reality as the Brexit win precipitates a fragmentation of the Common Market.
Buoyed by the unexpected Brexit win, campaigners across Europe are now calling for similar referendums in their own countries.
Italy’s Northern League has announced plans to launch a campaign for a referendum to decide whether Italy remains in the Eurpean Union.
Spurred on by the Brexit result Danish politicians are also urging their government to hold a referendum following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.
Meanwhile Marine Le Pen’s Front National is also now calling for a referendum on whether France remains in the EU; as is Holland’s Geert Wilders.
The political turmoil hasn’t been confined to the question of whether or not to remain in the European Union though. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is thought to be preparing plans for another vote on Scottish independence, after Scots voted to stay in the European Union 62% to 38%, in contrast to voters in England and Wales who voted 52% to 48% to leave.
However, victory for the nationalists in a second independence referendum would be far from certain. Particularly as it dawned on Scots that they would be transferring a substantial amount of political power from elected representatives based in Edinburgh and London to un-elected officials based in Brussels.
If nothing else though, it proves that Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish National Party are lackey’s of the New World Order, ready to exchange their national sovereignty for powers bestowed by the European Union.
I live in Scotland and I know that there is growing dissatisfaction here with the Scottish National Party, which has been unchallenged in power for nearly a decade. A second independence campaign could well add to the sense of disenchantment that many feel after the nationalists failed to deliver on many of their promises.
The Scottish Nationalists are very good when it comes to blaming England for their troubles. They are not so good though when it comes to actually governing.
Another independence campaign would give them ample means to distract attention from their deficiences in that regard, which is why we can expect renewed calls for “Scottish independence”.