A Paean to My Wife

henrymakow.com — June 23, 2016

NaturalMark reports on a secret society where women act like women and men behave like men. Shockingly, they love each other and are very happy.
(See Makow Comment below – Satanists attacking basic laws of nature.) 

by Mark — (henrymakow.com) 

I am one of the very fortunate few because my wife is a stunner, and not just in looks. She’s a real woman and not some money-loving narcissistic career-focused sleep around that many women are. Her idea of a career is being at home looking after her man. She loves to cook, take care of the place, loves my gorgeous german shepherd and they are best friends too.
She loves my family and close friends, hangs about with women who are similar in their ideas (and I get on well with their husbands because they too are real MEN). They don’t all use anti-social media, they meet and talk about nice things, shun violence in films, don’t gossip, and all of them love to wear nice dresses and shoes, nice hair, and make up. They LOOK and ACT like WOMEN.
My wife is still young and has not one single tattoo on her body, no pierced anything. I have never heard her use bad language, and not once have I had a row with her.
She’s not perfect, nobody is, but she’s as close to perfection you can find these days. She’ll also get into the garden and work the plants and flowers while I do all the man work, heavy lifting and other dirty jobs.
That’s what women really want, a real man and not some confused socially engineered pussy who thinks male anatomy is something he wants inside him. I am self employed and support my wide; she stays at home and takes care of business there. I often receive comments from male friends asking how I found such a lovely person and get asked “does she have a sister?”
I know how fortunate I am to have a loving and caring wife who looks up to her man. I am the head of the house and head of the relationship. Say that to a feminist and you’ll receive a load of vile abusive speech because those idiots have no clue about what being a woman is all about. I take care of my wife and love her so much that no other woman, nobody, could even make me slightly tempted to go astray and sleep with her, not ever!



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