Jo Cox’s Husband Resigned After Complaints of ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’

Introduction — June 22, 2016

The scene outside Birstall library shortly after the shooting/stabbing of Jo Cox. Click to enlarge

The scene outside Birstall library shortly after the shooting/stabbing of Jo Cox. Click to enlarge

This is a little old but in the light of recent events it’s highly relevant. Especially given the mounting questions over the exact circumstances of MP Jo Cox’s alleged murder, this report throws new light on her husband’s and by extension Jo Cox’s morality.
The bottom line being that if Brendan and Jo Cox were morally compromised they would be more likely to collude in a false flag event.
Turns out Jo’s spouse, Brendan Cox was forced to resign from a well paid position with the charity Save the Children, after female members of staff complained about his behaviour.
More than that though, it transpires that prior to working for Save the Children Brendan Cox had been a senior advisor to then Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He had in fact been part of the prime minister’s inner circle and as such was part of the Whitehall elite.
Jo Cox’s murder couldn’t have come at a better time for the Remain campaign. Although there was little sign of blood at the crime scene, coming a week before the referendum her supposed “murder” has given renewed impetus to the Remain campaign. The absence of blood at the scene of Jo Cox’s murder is all the more telling as she is supposed to have been shot and stabbed with a 12 inch blade multiple times. Yet no blood is evident in crime scene photos.
Procedures concerning Jo’s death have also moved with an impetus of their own. She was killed on Thursday June 17, a memorial services attended by the leaders of all major political parties was held on the Friday and the very next day the accused, Thomas Mair, appeared before Westminster Magistrates Court.
Another view of Birstall libary, scene of the alleged stabbing shooting. Click to enlarge

This photo appears in the Mirror with the caption was “Birstall library where it is thought Labour MP Jo Cox was shot today”. Again note the absence of any blood in this photo. Click to enlarge

He didn’t even plead. Thomas Mair simply gave his name as “death to traitors, freedom for Britain”, which pretty much makes it an open and shut case.
Events have all moved too quickly for people to stop and pause and ask: what really happened here?
Perhaps that’s why things have moved so quickly. So that aided by sympathy for Jo Cox the Remain vote wins, and before people ask what exactly happened, her murderer is convicted and consigned to life in prison. Where he wont be able to answer any questions about his role in Jo Cox’s murder, if he was involved. Or if indeed she was actually murdered? Ed.

New charity scandal as Save The Children executive quits after women’s complaints of ‘inappropriate behaviour’

Simon Walters — Mail on Sunday Nov 1, 2016

Brendan Cox was  Director of Policy and Advocacy at Save the Children. Click to enlarge

Brendan Cox was Director of Policy and Advocacy at Save the Children. Click to enlarge

Another children’s charity was rocked last night after a senior executive at Save The Children resigned over allegations of ‘inappropriate behaviour’.

Chief strategist Brendan Cox denied allegations against him but left in September. The charity’s £160,000-a-year chief executive Justin Forsyth has also resigned for unconnected reasons.

Both were senior advisers to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Mr Cox’s wife, Jo, is a Labour MP and former aide to Mr Brown’s wife Sarah. Mrs Cox also runs the Labour Women’s Network where she is ‘equalities and discrimination’ adviser.

Mr Cox, Save The Children’s director of policy and advocacy, left in September after complaints against him by women members of staff. A well-placed source said Mr Cox strenuously denied any wrongdoing but agreed to leave his post.

The source denied Mr Forsyth had quit due to the dispute involving Mr Cox – but said it had ‘hurt him’. The charity investigated claims that Mr Forsyth failed to act firmly against Mr Cox but found no evidence to support the charge, the source added.

An insider said: ‘Some people were unhappy there was no proper internal investigation into the allegations. Brendan packed his bags and left suddenly.’

One individual who has worked with Save The Children said: ‘Several of the women complained about inappropriate behaviour by Brendan. When the charity did nothing about it they threatened to make a huge fuss. Shortly afterwards it was announced that Brendan was leaving. Then we heard Justin was going as well.’

In a resignation letter to staff, Mr Forsyth said he was leaving after having discussed the matter with charity chairman, Sir Alan Parker, head of public relations giant Brunswick.

Mr Forsyth said he did not yet have a new job to go to, adding: ‘I hope to take a short breather before undertaking the next step of my career.

‘I have a few exciting irons in the fire that are too early to talk about.’

The arrival of ambitious Mr Forsyth and Mr Cox, both fervent Labour supporters, at Save The Children after Mr Brown lost the 2010 Election led to a major change in the charity

Mr Forsyth was branded one of a new breed of charity ‘fat cats’ with a £160,000 salary, expenses of £3,000 a year and £11,000 for his pension pot. Backed by Mr Cox, Mr Forsyth ordered a highly emotive multi-million pound TV advertising blitz. The ‘It Shouldn’t Happen Here’ campaign claimed 1.6 million British children were growing up in ‘severe poverty’. Tory MPs said it was a ‘crude political campaign against Government cuts.’

Asked about the allegations from female staff of inappropriate behaviour by him, Mr Cox said last night: ‘These rumours are untrue.’

When this newspaper asked the charity last month about Mr Cox’s departure, a spokeswoman said: ‘We never comment in any circumstances on individual members of staff past or present.’

Neither Mr Forsyth nor the charity were available for comment yesterday


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