Britain Shocked by MP’s Murder

Comment — June 17, 2016

Labour MP Jo Cox has been remembered at vigils

The late Labour MP Jo Cox. Click to enlarge

The murder of Labour Member of Parliament Jo Cox has been the main item of news in the British media, since she succumbed to wounds sustained in an attack Thursday. Her killer reportedly shouted “Britain first” before shooting and then stabbing the 41-year-old Labour MP.
The alleged gunman has been named locally as Tommy Mair, 52, who neighbours in Birstall have described as “a loner”. He was arrested near the scene soon after the attack.
The campaign group Britain First has denied any association with Mair and condemned the attack. This announcement was made before Cox was even pronounced dead.
Nonetheless the corporate media has revealed that at some point Cox’s killer subscribed to an online newsletter that defended Apartheid South Africa, the Springbok Club. Although as the Independent admits:
“It is not known if Mair had renewed his connection with the Springbok Cyber Newsletter.”
In other words Mair’s links with the “far-right” are tenuous and speculative at best. However that hasn’t stopped the corporate media’s intellectual whores from trying to link Jo Cox’s murder with the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union.
Her murder “cannot be viewed in isolation”, writes Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee.
It is part of a “noxious brew”, she claims, which she then proceeds to link with “Rude, crude, Nazi-style extremism” and “anti-immigrant sentiment”.
“This campaign,” she continues, “has stirred up anti-migrant sentiment that used to be confined to outbursts from the far fringes of British politics”.
In effect Toynbee is smearing the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union not only with “Nazi-style extremism” but with murder too. It’s desperate stuff but it reveals just how low those who want Britain to stay in the European Union are prepared to go.
Media whores like Toynbee aren’t just associating those campaigning for Britain to leave the EU with “Nazi-style extremism” though. They would have you believe that those who sympathise with Britain’s exit are racists of the most despicable kind.
The fact that the media are exploiting Cox’s murder for political purposes when little is still known about her killer’s motives speaks volumes about their real agenda. They aren’t trying to enlighten and inform but to guide and manipulate public opinion on behalf of the media owners. In much the same way that Joseph Goebbels once did for Hitler.
The media’s response is also a measure of just how worried the elite are about Britain exiting the European Union. The EU is already starting to look shaky. On Wednesday, unmentioned by the likes of Toynbee, Switzerland withdrew its application to join the European Union.
So the first major cracks are beginning to appear in the New World Order, of which the EU is an integral part. Britain’s exit from the Union could precipitate its total collapse, which is why the Remain campaign could still win.
After all with so much at stake vote rigging could play a key role, as it does in most U.S. elections now. Ed.

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