Our Government is Outsourcing Democracy

“This stuff’s getting scary… on the news last night, they were saying that “international banking rules kick in in December”… the result of the G20. Harper, at the closing press conference, said, ” I know some people don’t like it, and it is a loss of sovereignty, but it’s a fact of life.” We are tied 8 ways from Sunday and all they have to do is jerk the ropes… and the sheeple still think this place is a democracy…”

Do Canadians know the dark underbelly of what a trade agreement is?

Have they been given their right of informed consent to agreements which alter the fabric of their nation, not to mention their democratic rights?

Successive Canadian governments have gutted our democracy and turned Canadians into the pawns of international agreements that affect their livelihoods, their quality of life, their health freedom, their Charter rights, and their right to democratic representation.

According to Stephen Harper, the new “facts of life” mean that Canadians must go along to get along.

That is what he said after the G20 meeting, outside of which, on the streets of Toronto, hundreds of innocent bystanders were corralled in a pouring rainstorm by a black phalanx of Darth Vader-like officers, later to be herded into what came to be known as Torontonamo: cold, steel-link cages with open-door porta-potties and one bench housed up to 35 people each, some of them with serious medical issues, including broken bones, no lawyers, no phone calls, no food, no water, no toilet paper.

As our Prime Minister and the pampered pols from elsewhere burped their gourmet food, the legitimate voices of Canadians were being brutally silenced outside.

These “facts of life” have a mind-numbing effect. And what galls me, what truly gets my goat, is the extreme arrogance with which Harper shrugs his shoulders and grins, with that rat-toothed grin of his, and calls the rape of everything Canadian, including her treasured democracy, a “fact of life”!

Considering the fact that right now the Liberals are neck and neck with the Conservatives, we could be rid of Harper in a matter of months. That’d work, if it weren’t for the fact that the most likely candidate for the PMO would then be Michael Ignatieff, who, like Paul Martin before him, would advance the cause of globalism, as did Brian Mulroney. The only change we really ever see is the décor at 24 Sussex Drive.

Ignatieff, or any other successor to the Canadian throne, would continue with CETA, the “Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement” with the European Union, that targets literally every aspect of Canada’s economy, and goes so far as to demand that privatization of municipal water utilities be open to foreign bidding.

The slimy fingers of CETA force municipalities to purchase certain goods and services from multinationals, instead of supporting the local economy. It looks to transfer up to $200 billion in commerce into foreign/international pockets.

Now we come to Bill C-36, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, which will be hitting the Order Paper for 2nd Reading in a few short weeks. This bill authorizes Health Canada to follow the dictates of “unnamed foreign authorities.”

The European Union already enforces the use of natural health products in “guidelines” which are strictly enforced, and which preclude therapeutic dosages and potencies unless prescribed, all at a very high price. Do you think for a hot second Canada will escape unscathed here?

Connect the dots. Democracy is being hijacked. We’ve been had. And worse, we’ve been the ones who let it happen.

We have failed to understand how grave our situation really is, and speak out, and act to stop this slide into tyranny.

As Hitler’s propaganda chief, Josef Goebbels said, “How fortunate for the governors that the governed do not think.”

Dee Nicholson is Co-Executive Director of the National Health Federation (Canada) and is a regular contributor to Agora Magazine, www.agoranews.org.

Source: http://www.henrymakow.com/dee_nicholson.html