Why Women Aren’t Getting Loved

by Henry Makow Ph.D — (Updated from Sept 12, 2004)

Why women arent getting lovedA news story June 7, 2016 said that more than four in 10 US women are obese  Women are getting fat because they’re not getting sex and love. They’re eating to compensate.
Contrary to popular belief, women need regular sex as much as men and more. Both sexes need regular intimate contact.
Despite the availability of online hookups, women aren’t getting satisfying sex. Why would strangers care about their satisfaction? Back in the day when sex was called  “love-making,” sex was an expression of feelings.
For heterosexuals, sexual intercourse is a woman’s act of surrender to her husband; and a man’s taking possession of his wife.  It symbolizes an exchange of female power for male power expressed as love. A woman gives her husband the power to grant her wishes (or not.) She gives him the power to love her. She is not afraid to depend on him.
Women want love; men want power. Marriage is an exchange of the two. If either party reneges, the contract is broken.
For a woman, this exchange requires trust. Trust entails patient courtship and commitment. Sex creates an intimate bond between a man and a woman. Two people do become one.
Anonymous sex is profoundly self-destructive. If a woman gives herself to a stranger, she experiences a profound rejection no matter how much the Illuminati try to convince her otherwise.  It is self-destructive for a man as well because it undermines his sense of possession and commitment to a single woman.
The Illuminati hate us. They brainwash women to seek power instead of male love.  Power = penis. Essentially they have taught women to neuter themselves and emasculate their men. Heterosexual love is under constant attack. Homosexual and transgender confusion are considered chic.
This Rockefeller-sponsored program  is designed to degrade, depopulate and destabilize society by divorcing sex from marriage and procreation and by pretending gender roles are social and not biological in origin. (See also, How the Rockefellers Re-Engineered Women)


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