Sweden’s Migrant Rape Epidemic Explained

Introduction — June 3, 2016

It needs to be emphasised that the current crisis in Sweden isn’t because of ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslims’. That’s exactly what the elite want you to believe. No, the root cause of Sweden’s “rape epidemic” is the unrestricted movement of “refugees” and “asylum seekers”, many of whom are actually miscreants and criminals.
This is how the Illuminati seek to divide and rule. By allowing an unrestricted flood of migrants into the West the elite seek to create divisions in formerly homogenous communities. Sweden is a case in point. New World Order propagandists in the corporate media are now trying to spin these reports as crimes committed by “Muslims”, thereby promoting the Clash of Civilisations narrative.
However, this ignores the fact that Europe’s currently porous borders have enabled the influx of many miscreants who would otherwise have been barred; simply because they were criminals who under normal circumstances would be prevented from entering. The Western led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the covertly instigated strife in Syria, have changed that but it’s a mistake to think that this is Islam’s doing; it’s part of a broader Illuminati strategy. Ed.
Ingrid Carlqvist of Gatestone Institute explains how this has impacted in Sweden.

Footnote — June 3, 2016

While we reserve judgement what is said in the video it’s CRUCIAL to note that it was made by the Gatestone Institute. Chairman of the institute is one John R. Bolton, who readers will recall was one of the main advocates for the invasion of Iraq.
In fact a full five years BEFORE the 2003 U.S. led ‘intervention’ he was advocating a U.S. led attack on Iraq.
In other words Bolton helped create the instability in the Middle East that gave rise to the current refugee crisis. This is a classic Illuminati ploy. Create a problem or allow one to develop, in the form of Saddam Hussein. ‘Solve’ the problem by invading Iraq and create a host of further problems in the process that is unfolding in the current refugee crisis afflicting Europe. Ed.

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