A Liberal is Shocked When Huffpost Censors Him

henrymakow.com — June 2, 2016

Lance Simmens has worked as a policy consultant for two U.S. Presidents as well as senators and governors. Since retirement, he has published 180 articles at the Huffington Post.  As such, it came as a great shock when one of his recent articles was removed by the Huffington Post for the first time. The unacceptable subject matter was nothing more than a positive review of the banned documentary VAXXED. Simmens was shut out of his account and inquiries to editors and Huffpost maven Ariana Huffington went unanswered. 
“As a father of two millennials, I have been bombarded with what has turned out to be a warranted cynicism, criticism, and rejection of government. As one who devoted nearly 40 years to the promotion of public service and government, I have come to reassess my initial reluctance to such criticisms. The kids have every right to be cynical and critical and as hard as it is for parents to accept it, probably know more than we do…we as a society can no longer depend upon our government leaders and institutions to protect us.”
Below is the article Huffpost censored:

Why Our Children Should Hate Us by Lance Simmens

(abridged by henrymakow.com) 

Vaxxed-FilmVaxxed, the controversial documentary alleging a direct causal relationship between vaccines and exponential increases in autism amongst children is a deeply disturbing and hence critically important piece of work that will cause many sleepless nights for parents of infants everywhere.
I had the honor of both watching the film and participating in a discussion afterwards with its Producer, Del Bigtree and Director, Dr. Andrew Wakefield. It is a must-see film and deserves to serve as a catalyst for a national discussion of the role of mandatory vaccines for children and the role of the pharmaceutical industry in government decision-making.
What is equally disturbing, however, is that the film represents another in a cascade of documented allegations calling to task not only the corruption of government regulatory agencies but the corruption of science and scientific method itself. And to the extent that the current Presidential election contest has sparked virulent dissatisfaction with our elected leadership and the institutions of government, we must take this opportunity to seriously question what many had taken for granted: namely, that government has as its most solemn mission the protection of public health, safety and welfare. The film carefully documents decisions by the Centers for Disease Control that lend credence to systemic corruption….


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