Miko Peled – The Best Israeli

henrymakow.com — June 1, 2016

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In his speeches, Miko Peled tells the story of how Zionists literally expelled Palestinian families from their homes and took them for themselves. Sometimes the coffee on the table would still be warm after the Palestinians fled for their lives, ending up in refugee camps in Gaza or elsewhere. The Zionists took their furniture away in truckloads in a scene reminiscent of Nazi Germany.
Miko’s father was a senior officer in the Haganah (IDF).  So his mother was offered a gracious Palestinian home in one of Jerusalem’s better districts. She didn’t accept. She could see that this was fundamentally wrong. She could not accept the pathetic Zionist lie that the Palestinians had fled of their own volition and therefore it was alright to take everything they owned. They fled for their lives.
Miko is definitely his mother’s son: the rare example of an honest Israeli who can admit the ugly truth and has the decency and courage to state it far and wide.


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