Shock photos of the mutant beasts with bizarre deformities ’caused by GM pesticides’

Lisa-Maria Goertz — Daily Mail May 23, 2016

Courtesy Monsanto. click to enlarge

Courtesy Monsanto. Click to enlarge

They look like something from a horror movie – a black dog with a mini trunk protruding from its nose.

The baby yellow chick with not two but four feet, the spider piglet with one head, two bodies and eight legs, the goat with two heads and the baby pig with skin so wafer thin you can see the muscles and blood flowing around its body.

These are just of a few of the mutant animals found living in Argentina and exactly why is something of a mystery.

Pig farmer Ademaro Valadez Vasquez told how the piglet with the paper skin was born, but died just a few hours later.

‘When it was alive you could see the blood flowing around its body, and things moving inside its body,’ he said.

The piglet with the see through skin was born just a few miles away from the black dog nicknamed ‘Dobby’ after the house elf from the Harry Potter films.

Pictures of the black freak puppy that has a trunk for a nose went viral in the days after he was born in 2014.

Owner Eduardo Landin said he was shocked when he noticed that one of his new puppies appeared to have a trunk instead of a nose.

Eduardo, 35, said: ‘It was kind of similar but also shockingly different to the other puppies, so I realised it was in some way deformed and at first I thought it was dead.

‘But then I saw it moving and trying to feed, so I helped it over to the mother and it managed to drink something but it’s nose kept getting in the way.’

He said that the deformed puppy was one of a litter of 11 and was the only one that was not normal.

He added: ‘I was amazed at how quickly word spread and loads of people are coming round to look at the tiny puppy, and take pictures and videos.

‘One of the children that came round said it looked like a character from the Harry Potter movie and that’s what everyone is calling it in the local media here.

He went on: ‘I am worried if there might be something in the air or the soil or water causing this as we only live 15 kilometres (9 miles) away from the village where the last mutant was born that looked like that Potter character. One of the pigs in my litter was normal, but the other was a mutant freak.”

Both the puppy and the piglet were born in or near the village of Pampa de los Guanacos in the Copa area of the Santiago del Estero Province, in northern Argentina.

At the time local media said that the deformation was due to the use of pesticides on farmland in the region although they admitted they had never seen anything similar before.

Eduardo said: ‘We have had a few calls from people telling us it’s evil and we need to kill it and burn the body. But that’s just superstition talking, it is a mutation but it isn’t evil.’

Piglet with two bodies. Click to enlarge

Piglet with two bodies. Click to enlarge

And in nearby Aldea San Juan a pig was born with two bodies, and one head but with two snouts joined together.

In the same week a cow with two heads and six legs was born in the same region and a chick hatched with four legs.

In a separate case in the city of Riohacha, a city in the in the northern Caribbean Region of Colombia, a piglet was born looking like a human.

And in yet another bizarre case a piglet was born with a head shaped like an elephant and deformed eyes and no hair.

Born in the northern Province of Tucuman, it was nicknamed the ‘Elephant Piglet’ because of its small trunk-like ‘nose’.

The farmer Juan Francisco Vazquez was surprised to discovered the bizarre birth on their farm.

The piglet was reportedly the fourth to be born in a litter of 12 and died soon afterwards – after it’s mother bit it to death.

He said: ‘We had a dozen piglets but the fourth born was badly deformed. Its mother bit into it until it died. That shocked me.

‘I am not sure if this was because the mother did not recognise it as her, or because her instincts (knowing that it would not survive) made her do it.’

Piglet born with paper-thin transparent skin. Click to enlarge

Piglet born with paper-thin transparent skin. Click to enlarge

And in a separate case a goat was born with two snouts, no eyes, no ears, without a tail and hairless.

And while at first locals blamed superstitious spirits for the mutations, blame has shifted to the widespread use of the harsh chemical glyphosate which is used as a pesticide.

Mr Vasquez, the farmer with the skinless piglet, said: ‘Some superstitious people around here say it was down to the legend of Almamula.

‘Local legend says that Almamula was a woman with no morals who committed incest with her brother and father. She was turned into a donkey and now walks around at night making a strange noise, with an iron chain attached to her leg.

‘But I think its probably chemicals. I want tests done, the local government should investigate.’

Argentina is the world’s biggest user of the controversial product, which kills all non-genetically modified (GM) crops.

The country supplies GM soya beans that are fed to animals in the UK, and cotton that is used in the manufacture of everything from T-shirts through to tampons.

EU policy makers are considering banning the harmful chemical which is known to cause serious birth defects in both animals and humans.

Around 12 million Argentines live in regions where soya beans are cultivated, surrounded by the fields where glyphosate is sprayed, which are dubbed ‘pueblos fumigados’ or sprayed villages, says paediatrician,  Dr Medardo Avila Vazquez.

He said the numbers of deformations had quadrupled from in nine years to 2008 as cultivation of soya beans in the province increased seven fold.

A Danish farmer who changed his pig feed from non-GM soya to the cheaper GM soya pig feed found the number of birth defects suddenly increased.

He had a piglet born with only one large eye, a second with a hole in its skull, and one with a huge ‘elephant tongue’ and a female piglet with testicles.

Silvana Bujan, Director of Environmentalist NGO Bios Argentina, told MailOnline: ‘There is sufficient scientific evidence in Argentina and the rest of the world that proves with absolute certainty the damage the herbicide does to our eco-system and to the health of humans and animals when used intensively in the production of food.

‘There is evidence that the change from pasture goods to genetically-modified soya, as well as the traces in the air, water and grasses that they ingest, could well be one of the decisive factors in the hormonal and genetic changes of the animals.’


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