U.S. “Concerned” Over New Iranian Weapons

After a series of recent additions to Tehran’s military arsenal – including an armed unmanned drone and missile equipped fast attack boats – the U.S. has warned Iran that Iran may soon find itself “less secure”.

Although he didn’t specifically mention Israel, state department spokesman P.J. Crowley said such developments were a “concern” to Iran’s neighbours.

In response to the growth of Iran’s military capabilities, he continued, the U.S. had stepped up its “military cooperation with other countries in the region.

“This is one of the reasons why… we believe that if Iran continues on the path that it’s on… (it) might find itself less secure because you’ll have countries in the region that join together to offset Iran’s growing capabilities.”

As it unveiled two new high-speed attack boats and a long range armed drone, Iran warned the West against any attempt to confront it militarily.

The U.S. and Israel have repeatedly hinted that military action remained an “option” in thwarting what they claim are Iran’s ambitions to develop nuclear weapons.

Tehran maintains that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

According to the Iranian press one of the attack craft, the Zulfiqar , is capable of speeds up to 70 knots (82 mph), and can fire missiles that will effectively work at a height of 1.25 meters.

While the Karar is reported to have an operational range of 620 miles, which makes it still beyond range of Iran’s arch enemy Israel.