Thai People Restive Under Military Rule — May 30, 2016

Two years after a military coup, it’s becoming clear that the generals are not interested in restoring democracy. The people are getting restless.
“Semper Castleton” a British ex-pat, reports the views of people from all segments of society.


by Semper Castleton — ( 

General comments made by Siamese people from all walks of life, picked up by foreign media, include the following :-
  1. i) from a university professor:

Thailand has changed, but in a way that goes back to the past rather than into the future. A lot of people had some relief when the coup took place [two years ago] after six months of mayhem and protests.
On a daily basis, Thailand became unworkable, ungovernable. Initially, there was relief that we had some law and order and safety in the streets without demonstrations but at the expense of pent-up frustrations and of popular rule that people have come to expect. Two years is a long time in Thai politics and now people are saying, yes, we had some law and order, to the extreme in fact, too much of it. People have been detained. There has been a lot of coercion, violations of basic civil liberties, at the expense of longer term stability. The way ahead is murky. Most worryingly, the coup makers do not have an exit strategy. And it looks the generals aren’t taking over for the future of Thailand and the Thai people, but for the generals themselves. So I think that more people are seeing that and more people are showing dissatisfaction which will get worse.
  1. ii) from a newspaper reporter


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