OBAMA Will Be Prosecuted for These Crimes—Sooner or Later

How Does A Nobel Peace Prize Winner Morph Into A Mass Murderer …

… And Not Be Held Accountable By The American People?!

Drone Ranger

SOTN Editor’s Note:

“The executive branch continues to claim the right to kill anyone, anywhere on Earth, at any time, for secret reasons, based on secret evidence, in a secret process, undertaken by unidentified officials. I refuse to support this policy of unaccountable killing.”
— Army Chaplain Christopher John Antal

The previous quote was recently uttered by an Army Chaplain who resigned his commission in protest of President Obama’s continued killing of innocents via the CIA-coordinated drone assassination program.

Barack Hussein Obama is now responsible for the premeditated murder of more foreign citizens by way of the extrajudicial drone assassination program than any other president in U.S. history.  Even the normally fawning mainstream media has published articles which have documented scores of brutal drone attacks that have killed hundreds of innocent people.  Numerous photos have also been posted in the aftermath of these hellfire missile strikes which have portrayed the carnage and ruthlessness of this patently illegal tactic.

The world community of nations is well aware that the POTUS is a mass murderer just as the American people know but refuse to do anything about it.  Why is he never held accountable for these and countless other war crimes as Commander-in-chief of the U.S. Armed Forces?

SOTN has adopted this advocacy since day one of our Internet publication.   The following articles delineate different aspects of the most repugnant American war policy in existence —drone assassinations carried out by a single executioner who is also the judge, jury and prosecutor.

Barack Obama Orders Extrajudicial Assassinations With Impunity

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DRONES: The Rank Hypocrisy of Barack Obama

Nobel Committee Obligated to Strip Obama of Peace Prize

Obama’s Embrace of Drone Strikes Will Be a Lasting Legacy


The drone assassination program has left an indelible and odious stain on this presidency. Because of it, Obama will go down in history as the Drone Ranger who the rest of the world came to loathe as a petty tyrant and barbaric despot.

State of the Nation — May 30, 2016

N.B. The following article reveals the story of at least one American who still has a conscience.  That he is an Army chaplain shows that if an active U.S. service member can act with the courage of his convictions, so, too, can the rest of the body politic. Otherwise, the whole nation becomes culpable in this serial criminal conduct … especially when the American people know about it yet fail to act.


The Army Chaplain Who Quit Over ‘Unaccountable Killing’ of Obama’s Secretive Drone Program


As a witness to the removal of fallen U.S. troops from Afghanistan, Army Chaplain Christopher John Antal can’t recall a time when that solemn ceremony wasn’t conducted without the presence of drones passing along the horizon.

They were sleek and quiet, making a gentle humming noise as they flew over the flight lines — where aircraft can be parked and serviced — of the Kandahar airfield in Afghanistan, where he was stationed in 2012. Not everyone had access to the flight lines, according to Antal, but he was responsible for participating in dignified transfer ceremonies, also known as ramp ceremonies, which were set there to greet the caskets of fallen service personnel as they were returned to base, en route to the U.S. On these occasions, he would watch the drones drift in and out, loaded with Hellfire missiles.

“It was [a] stark contrast to the solemnity of what I was doing at the ceremonies,” Antal, a Unitarian Universalist minister, told ABC News about watching the drones during the ceremonies. “When I would watch them and think about where they had been and where they were going, it would break my soul.”

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