When Americans Lynched a Jewish Rapist/Murderer

henrymakow.com — May 28, 2016

Leo Frank lynchedLast March, the state of Georgia passed a “Religious Liberty Bill” which allowed Christians to abstain from doing business with LGBT people in accord with their religious principles. Governor Nathan Deal was forced to veto the bill after coming under intense pressure from the CEO’s of Coca Cola, TimeWarner, Disney and 400 other large companies controlled by the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel which is foisting gender dysphoria on the US population to destabilize it. 
Governor Deal’s capitulation to Wall Street reminded E. Michael Jones of another Georgia Governor John Slaton who was almost lynched when he capitulated to Wall Street Jews in 1915. When Slaton commuted the death sentence of a prominent Jew, Leo Frank, convicted of raping and murdering a child, the people of Georgia took the law into their own hands.   
See Dan’s comment below–  Many Jews spin this as a “hate crime.”   Any resistance to Jewish wrongdoing is categorized as such. Satanists invert good and evil and redefine “good” according to their interests and perversions.

By E. Michael Jones 

How the Oligarchs Got their Power

Culture Wars, May 2016  excerpt by henrymakow.com 

Unfortunately, Georgia has a history of governors who act as if they are proconsuls for the evil empire whose headquarters are in Wall Street and Washington.
On June 22, 1915, Georgians awoke to the news that Governor John Slaton had commuted the sentence which had condemned Leo Frank, left, the Jewish pencil factory owner, [and head of the local B’nai Brith lodge] to death for the rape and murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan. Although some Georgians agreed with Slaton’s decision, most did not, and outrage quickly spread through the population, and the city’s normal routine ground to a halt as people digested what had happened. Before long, the outrage which the majority of people felt at the commutation of Frank’s sentence found expression when, at 8:30 AM, a mob shouting “Pay the governor a call” started marching toward Slaton’s mansion, six miles away.
As some indication of what they planned to do when they got to the governor’s mansion, the mob broke into hardware stores along the way in search of guns. Police Chief Beavers, along with 50 mounted men, confronted the mob halfway to Slaton’s mansion, turning back roughly half of the men. Which meant of course that 2,000 armed men were still headed toward the governor’s mansion. What they planned to do when they got there became apparent after another mob hanged the governor in effigy in the town square. Around the effigy’s neck hung a sign proclaiming, “John M. Slaton, King of the Jews and Traitor Governor of Georgia.”


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