WW2 in the Pacific — Totally Avoidable

By Henry Makow Ph.D. — henrymakow.com May 26, 2016

operation snow-2As flies to wanton boys are we to th’ gods,
They kill us for their sport.
King Lear Act 4, scene 1, 32-37
In our case, the “gods” are the satanist Jewish central bankers who start all wars, destroy millions of lives, and then pay historians like John Koster to spin it as national rivalry. The bankers consider war to be “revolutionary” since it overturns civilization and paves the way for their Communist Jewish tyranny, the New World Order. It kills the “best of the goyim” (a Talmudic injunction) and makes the bankers huge profits from both munitions and debt.
After Hitler invaded Russia in June 1941, the central bankers were ready to destroy Germany once and for all.  Their agent, Hitler, had embroiled Germany in a fatal two-front war. The only danger was that the Nazi ally Japan would invade Russia from the Far East. Then Russia would also face attack on two fronts.
To spare their protege Stalin this dilemma, the bankers had to provoke a Japanese attack on the United States. They instituted an oil embargo and froze Japanese assets. Japan had no stomach for war with the United States. They made a conciliatory offer. In return for ending the embargoes, Japan would withdraw from China and not expand its territory beyond French Indochina. (pp.123-124) Japan and the US would restore harmonious diplomatic and commercial relations. (132)
John Koster writes: “Both sides stood to gain: Japan could not win a protracted war wth the United States, and most Japanese wanted to get out of China with minimum loss of face, while keeping Manchuria and Korea and fending off revolution. The US would avoid a war for which it was not prepared.” (133)
Japanese Prime Minister Fuminaro Jonoe asked for a meeting with Roosevelt to seal the treaty.
Harry Dexter White/Weit. Click to enlarge

Harry Dexter White/Weit. Click to enlarge

Enter “Soviet” agent, “Harry Dexter White” (originally Weit ), left, the son of Lithuanian Jews, who was the chief advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, also a Jew.  Morganthau was close to Rosenfeld (FDR) , a crypto Jew.
Weit drafted a list of ten demands that Japan could not possibly accept without provoking a revolution. They included getting out of Asia altogether, rebuilding China, selling 3/4 of its war production to the US, and expelling all Germans. (pp.135-136)
In Koster’s words, the American proposal, based on Weit’s recommendations,  was “a declaration of war.”  The result, six months after Hitler attacked Russia, was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Hitler obligingly declared war on the US ensuring that Germany would have to fight on two fronts.



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