The True Racism That Destroys

Kevin Boyle — No One to Vote for May 26, 2016

Satchi and Satchi advert. Click to enlarge

Satchi and Satchi advert. Click to enlarge

Here is the latest from the Saatchi and Saatchi advertising agency. It typifies all voters who want Britain to leave the European Union as the kind of nasty thug that we used to see fighting in football grounds and smashing up the surrounding neighborhood for fun. The thug is threatening the kind of nice little old Indian lady that almost nobody has a problem liking. The messages are clear.
If you Vote to Leave you’re one of THEM.
If you are an immigrant vote to remain or give THIS guy power over your life.
I will vote Brexit primarily because international finance (and their instruments; the leaders of every government, financial institution and mainstream media outlet) want us to stay in the EU. They want all their sheep in a single tent. That’s the game. That’s the goal. Everybody paying attention knows it. The sheep are waking up and most don’t like what they see one little bit. They see the future planned for them and want something very different.
We’re not sure what we do want but we DON’T WANT THAT.
However, it’s going to be tough escaping the matrix because all the institutional and media power is held securely (for now) in the same clammy hands.
The thing that is making people mad about this advert, though, is the racist slur directed against the ordinary Englishman**.
And yet … and yet …
The truth is that the we ARE a racist country … but to mention the genuine racism that blights the western world, including the UK, is to commit THE GREAT HERESY. There is a reason for the government and media war against racism, after all.
That reason must never be stated. The TABOO must be enforced.


Saatchi and Saatchi is a Jewish company that came to prominence as Thatcher’s “Britain Isn’t Working” propagandist.
Charles Saatchi is primarily responsible for the increasing degeneracy of British Art over the past few decades. Saatchi is the Culturally Marxist (International Jewish) agenda in action.
*  The world’s largest advertising group (WPP), based in London, is led by Sir Martin Sorrell who is Jewish.
*  British TV, including the state broadcaster, the BBC operates under massively disproportionate Jewish influence.
*  The UK’s largest independent radio broadcaster is Global Radio whose Founder and Executive President is Ashley Tabor (Jewish).
*  Hollywood is completely controlled by Jews according to the LA Times.
*  The banking industry, publishing, the major Supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury’s), clothes retailers (Marks & Spencer’s, BHS [now defunct] etc., etc. yadda, yadda, yadda …
*  John Lennon famously said that “show business is an extension of the Jewish religion.” Video here (with audio track very recently muted … wonder how that happened?)
anyway, because it is tiresome making these points, the truth can be stated in a nutshell….

…. that there is not ANY major part of British public life that is not overseen and dominated by Jewish money.

This, in itself, would not matter greatly if the issue was simply who is rich and who is not. Great wealth in itself, though perhaps a spiritual liability, is no crime.
However, the issue that does need to be raised out loud is:

How can one tiny group within a population come to exercise such domination over a society without behaving with extreme prejudice IN FAVOUR OF THEMSELVES and AGAINST ALL OTHER RACIAL GROUPS? 

Is not the behaviour that created this domination the very definition of RACISM?

Small wonder then that we can look back at recent history and discover that the people who promoted the idea of anti-racist laws (and much more besides) were, almost without exception, Marxist Jews. Was not the PRIMARY purpose of this anti-racist legislation, quite clearly, to create a safe environment for themselves from within which they could attack, undermine and take over leadership of gentile societies?


The white skinhead in the advert is a sad figure for whom we should feel some pity. Many of his complaints are justified and should be taken seriously. He has been betrayed by his “representatives” and he knows it. We have all been betrayed but the working classes are the ones who have suffered most from the export of manufacturing industries, the wage depression caused by mass-immigration and the shocking inflation of property prices and rents over the past few years. He is the biggest victim in this society and he is the one we are encouraged to hate and applauded for hating.
Of course the media and political class are entirely focused on another “victim” class (who have not suffered in this society but, rather, tended to benefit disproportionately when benefits were available). Hating these victims…. umm, sorry … questioning any aspect of their culture or making reference to their collective dominance DEFINES US AS EVIL NAZIS. If we “go there” we obviously LOVE HITLER.
Ordinary Jewish people have been suckered into supporting their elite; into acting as a shield for their activities by the imposition on the gentile world of a guilt complex for the great crimes committed against ‘the Jewish People’ in WW2. The great defining horror of which provably never happened.
David Irving was, like most truth-tellers, naive when he imagined that the British High Court, a Jewish closed shop, would allow him to overturn this greatest of ESTABLISHMENT lies.
Our entire reality beggars belief, but there we are.
Perhaps the forces of hell have something to do with all this?
Here’s hoping that Jews will recognise the warnings of Christ against their leaders (“of Satan!” “Liars”) and His actions against the money-changers of his day (He drove them from the temple with a whip of knotted cords). If ordinary Jews, propagandised into a state of servile idiocy like most of the rest of us, can recognise the truth about their own leaders and reject them, there is hope for us all.
Some already have, of course … Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir and many others.
As one Jewish Holocaust Denier, and true friend of his own people said to me, “I really hope Jews get it soon.  Not everybody who wakes up to the truth about this will be nice people like us.”
PS (Ref above)
** My own father was an Irish immigrant who came to London after WW2 when there was massive reconstruction going on in the country. He told me he was often lost in admiration at the ‘fair-mindedness’ and decency of the ordinary Englishman. He said that sometimes at the end of a job when workers were being selected for some new project elsewhere, all the men would stand before management and their names would be called out for the new work. The companies would pick the fittest and strongest, often young men like himself leaving the ‘old boys’ (who had fought in the war for King and Country) as rejects, jobless.
He said, “They’d say to me “Good Luck Pat”. I felt guilty, struggled to look them in the eye. They were good people. I can tell you that if the same thing happened in Dublin, Irishmen wouldn’t take that treatment with anything like the same good grace.”
I worked for myself as an electrician for 20 years. Without over-generalising, the working class Englishman was easily my favorite client. Fair, straightforward, no problems. It is painful to have watched a whole class being so betrayed by those supposedly representing them.
The primary victim in English society over the past 70 years is the ordinary Englishman. Without a doubt.



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.