Pope Francis – Longtime Zionist Tool

henrymakow.com — May 20, 2016

The great Kahal of New York relentlessly develops its strategy and executes its policies in conjunction with Tel Aviv. The other great Kahal in the Americas operates in Argentina, which outside Israel, harbors the second largest Jewish population in the world, estimated at two million (rather than the official version of 300,000.)
In a groundbreaking 10-page article in the current issue of Culture Wars, Thomas Brennan explains why Argentina is so important to the Jews, and how its was inevitable that the Catholic Archbishop, now installed in Rome, should become their chore goy.


The WJC Comes to Argentina, pp.12-13

Culture Wars – May 2016 

by J. Thomas Brennan — (Excerpt by henrymakow.com)

As in the United states, the media in Argentina is thoroughly controlled by Jewish interests… This means the arts, movies, theatre, pornography and the rock music industry  are all firmly in Jewish hands…
Another major cultural influence cultural influence not to be overlooked is the gnostic Jewish secularizing influence and manipulation of society through the exercise of psychoanalysis. It is said Buenos Aires has the highest rate of psychoanalysts per capita in the world. This pathetic situation, which includes the unnatural empowerment of women and the systematic imposition of the gender ideology, is part of the on-going gramscian cultural subversion which has been a permanent policy for the past 30 years.



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