Pope Francis: How the Good Shepherd Betrayed his Flock

By Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. — Darkmoon May 15, 2016

This is an edited and abridged version, with extensive additional notes and comments by Lasha Darkmoon, of a controversial article recently published on the Occidental Observer

 PopeFrancis practising humility


“Not only a traitor to the European race,  Francis is either intellectually insipid or a disingenuous cretin.” — Andrew Joyce
Over the years my attitudes towards race and religion have unfortunately brought me into conflict with many Christians, some of whom have been very close to me. Closest to home, my wife is an evangelical Christian. Like many of her co-religionists, she believes much of what she is told in church, not only in terms of what is written in the Bible, but also in the social instructions her church issues in order to steer its flock towards a “good” and “moral” Christian life.
For the sake of domestic harmony, I rarely enter into debates on religion and politics with my wife, much as there are a hundred responses I could provide to her questions. There have been moments, however, when the divergence between my wife and me on religion and race has become acute. I accompany her to church only on extremely rare occasions, and the last and probably final occasion was last Fall.
It started like any other service had. As we entered the ultra-modern church facility there was a crescendo of pulse-raising feel-good music, and there were swarms of people equipped with Prozac smiles. Bowls of candy were offered. As the service began, some individuals competed with one another in jumping and skipping in the front, crying and smiling and throwing their arms in the air to demonstrate their oneness with God.
Eventually the pastor appeared to huge applause and fanfare, telling everyone that they were loved and that God was in the room with them. This seemed to bring comfort to the motley group of former alcoholics, drug-addicts and abuse victims that earlier visits had informed me comprised a healthy proportion of the population of the church. Some began emotionally swaying, assenting and nodding to his words.
So far, so familiar. But as we took our seats and the sermon began it slowly became apparent that I was going to enjoy the “teaching” even less than usual.
The topic was the “refugee” crisis.
I now found myself sitting and listening while the pastor, who hadn’t achieved anything of significance in the real world, stated that it was our “duty” as Christians to let these people [Third World “refugees” and economic migrants] come into our communities and share our resources with them.
God would provide extra jobs for the extra people just like he had provided loaves and fishes, and there would always be enough money and resources to go around if we just showed enough faith. It didn’t even matter that these poor “refugees” weren’t Christian because after just a few days among us they would be overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit and begin their own Christian journey. A glorious shared future lay ahead of us; refusing to accept refugees was “racist,” and “racism” was an “evil sin.”
The simplicity of this pastor’s worldview would have been humorous if it wasn’t drawing the noisy approval of almost a thousand European-derived people. My ears still ringing with applause, it struck me that this kind of moral instruction wasn’t just childish and full of logical errors — it was dangerous. These people were literally being told that the fate of their eternal soul depended on facilitating their own demographic displacement.
I sat motionless, in horror, for the rest of the service.
—  §  —
If modern Christianity has raised the themes of “forgiveness” and “meekness” to an astonishingly prominent doctrinal position, then Pope Francis is surely the personification of this sick glorification of humility and weakness. The header picture introducing this article, showing the Pope kissing a long line of feet, speaks volumes about the decline of our civilization and the failure of Christianity to prevent it, but the Pope’s conduct has been even more far-reaching.
Only a few weeks ago, in a highly symbolic act, the Pontiff took three Syrian families home with him from Greece. Reading right out of the ADL playbook, he announced that the movement of the migrant hordes wasn’t a dire threat to Europe’s existence but rather “the greatest humanitarian catastrophe since World War Two.” Catholics singing from the same hymn sheet as Jews is becoming more common.
Given such developments it is no coincidence that in the long history of the Christian religion, Pope Francis is the most popular Pope among Jews. In September 2015 Ronald S. Lauder, the head of the World Jewish Council, said that
“never in the past 2000 years have relations between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people been so good.”
When Pope Francis held a closed meeting with the World Jewish Council the following month, Francis informed Jewish leaders that he fully believed that any criticism of Israel was just as “anti-Semitic” as attacks on Jews. Lauder emerged from the meeting speaking of the Pontiff in glowing terms:
“Pope Francis does not simply make declarations. He inspires people with his warmth and his compassion,” Lauder enthused. “His clear and unequivocal support for the Jewish people is critical to us.”  (Emphasis added)
Pope Netanyahu

Lasha Darkmoon comments:  

In August last year, Pope Francis said that any attempt to “reject” the huge inflow of migrants into Europe was “an act of war.” He went on to argue erroneously, without checking his facts, that “Europe has the means to absorb refugees without sacrificing its security or culture.”
The Holy Father is obviously unaware of the mass rape and sexual assault of white women all over Europe by sexually out-of-control “refugees” from the Third World, mostly of Muslim origin, starting with Cologne on New Year’s Eve (over 1000 complaints) and spreading to various swimming pools, parks and public squares throughout Europe, including Hamburg, Vienna, Salzburg and Stockholm.  (See Rape Jihad: Dark Days for Europe).
Where has the Pope been all this time?  [LD]
—  §  —
A prostrating Pontiff, overseeing millions of compliant Catholics worldwide, is indeed critical to Jewish interests. Francis may be seen as the perfect culmination of the Second Vatican Council, which was orchestrated by Jewish converts to Catholicism and annihilated the remaining power of the Catholic Church as a force for European culture. The poisonous seeds have given rise to a truly rotten tree, or in the interpretation of Francis himself: “The Council, with the declaration Nostra Aetate, paved the way. It said yes to the rediscovery of the Jewish roots of Christianity, and no to any form of anti-Semitism and condemnation of any insult, discrimination and persecution derived from that.”
Not only a traitor to the European race, Francis is either intellectually insipid or a disingenuous cretin. In January this man, who claims to be God’s emissary on earth, argued that “Europe has the means to absorb refugees without sacrificing its security or culture.” The Holy Father was presumably here referring to the thefts, rapes, bombs and deaths that have illustrated the remarkable success the Continent has met with thus far in preserving its culture and security in the face of mass foreign incursion.
What the Papal position does in fact illustrate is a stark, and terrifying, detachment from reality.
Just as Jesus of Nazareth encouraged his followers not to worry about food or clothing because “the End” was imminent, so the Pope tells his followers not to worry about immigration because countries and races mean nothing when one is assured of a glorious afterlife.
Just days ago, Pope Francis delivered his most grovelling sermon yet, when he addressed migrants by pleading: “Too often we have not welcomed you! Forgive the closure and indifference of our societies, who fear the change of life and mentality that your presence requires.”
Apparently one can only enter Heaven on one’s knees.
—  §  —

Lasha Darkmoon comments:  

Andrew Joyce’s statement that the Pope’s knowledge of the migrant crisis illustrates “a stark and terrifying detachment from reality” is a huge understatement. The Pope’s position constitutes far more than the attitude of a naive, out-of-touch dreamer; far more even than blind ignorance at its most culpable. It simply has to involve deliberate deception. The Pope has advisors who presumably feed him the facts. The facts are these:
Italy, where the Pope happens to live, is now the main entry point for illegal immigrants into Europe. They swarm across the Mediterranean in refugee boats and then fan across Europe, unchecked, without needing to show any passports or papers. According to the EU’s border agency Frontex, 8370 people pushed into Italy last month, most of them Eritreans, Nigerians and Egyptians.
To stop the influx of migrants to the Greek islands from the Middle East and Asia , Europe is now forced to pay a whopping “protection fee” of  £4.7 billion a year to the Turkish government. That is US$6.7 billion, more than twice the amount America has to fork out to Israel every year. This fee to Turkey to stop the flow of migrants is, of course, pure blackmail. And Turkey’s tyrannical president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, certainly knows how to turn the screw — demanding not only billions of dollars in blackmail from Europe but also visa free travel in Europe for Turkey’s 80 million Muslim citizens. The Pope is aware of all this and has actually shaken the blackmailer’s hand.  
When Turkey joins the EU, another demand that is likely to be satisfied soon, the floodgates will truly be thrown open. To make matters worse, other poor nations in the region are also clamoring for entry into the European club. Only yesterday a report in the Daily Mail wondered how Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) and schools could possible cope with the unstoppable hordes pouring into their country:
“When Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey join the EU, another 88 million people will soon be eligible for NHS care and school places for their children.” (See here
This will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
We also learn from a news report published only yesterday that the British government has been systematically lying to its own people about the huge extent of mass immigration into Britain, vastly underestimating and massaging the figures. We learn, to our amazement, that one EU migrant enters the country legally every 40 seconds. And this takes no account of the vast numbers of illegal immigrants swarming in from the Third World. The government not only does nothing to prevent this huge influx but is actually aiding and abetting the migrant smugglers. Amazing.
Let’s get this into context.
I am only complaining about the vast number of bogus “refugees” flooding into Britain because I happen to live here. All day, after all, I hear the cries of doom from the others around me—my fellow citizens—cries to which our Jew-controlled government turns a deaf ear. And yet the actual situation in Britain is mild compared to that of most of the other countries in the European Union. Of the top ten destinations in Europe for asylum seekers, Britain comes in right at the bottom of the list, at number 10. That is something most Brits don’t know.
Here are the facts. A record 1.25 million asylum seekers arrived in the EU last year, more than twice as many as in 2014. This year the figures are predicted to be even higher. Most of the asylum seekers are from Muslim countries, with the most coming in from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq — in that order. Other countries supplying a steady stream of migrants to Europe are Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria, Eritrea, Albania and Kosovo. (See here)
Here, in order of increasing importance are the top 10 destinations of migrants to Europe, showing the rate of increase in brackets. As you can see, the Brits are doing pretty well in terms of the overall increase in immigration over the last year.
10.  UK  (19% increase)
9.   France  (20%)
8.   Italy   (31%)
7.   Netherlands  (98%)
6.   Sweden   (108%)
5.   Germany  (155%)
4.   Belgium  (178%)
3.   Austria  (233%)
2.   Hungary  (323%)
1.   Finland  (822%)
Compared to the Finns, the Brits have it really good.

Andrew Joyce continues:

Looking at the facts, there can be little doubt that White weakness is being systematically sown and harvested by the churches on behalf of foreign settlers. The Anglican Church, one of the most influential after the Catholic Church, has raised millions of dollars worldwide that it then gives to refugees in the form of transport, housing and ready cash. In Australia the Anglican churches are working hard to expand the nation’s immigration quotas which they believe to be “tragically inadequate.” In Canada several Anglican communities have arrangements with the Citizenship and Immigration service to facilitate the entry of migrants and their total subsidization by church members for at least one year.
Presbyterians have also been heavily involved. When Donald Trump likened the influx of Syrian migrants into the U.S. to a coup, asserting that some migrants could be terrorists, he was subjected to a scathing attack by Rev. Gradye Parsons, stated clerk of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Parsons wrote that “Presbyterians through decades of policy have demanded humane treatment of people of all nationalities and faiths who find themselves within our borders….”
The sad fact is that many millions of White Christians are hypocrites and self-deceivers. Ralph Waldo Emerson put it best in his monumental essay “Self-Reliance,” where he encouraged these spiritual bigots to focus on their own kind:
Go love thy infant; love thy wood-chopper: be good-natured and modest: have that grace; and never varnish your hard, uncharitable ambition with this incredible tenderness for black folk a thousand miles off. Thy love afar is spite at home…Are these my poor? I tell thee, thou foolish philanthropist, that I grudge the dollar, the dime, the cent, I give to such men as do not belong to me and to whom I do not belong.
The fact remains that Christianity frames itself as a universal method of cosmic salvation accessible to every man. To a Christian, Emerson’s sense of national belonging must always be subordinate to his belonging to another people — the people of God. Christianity ultimately cares more about the future of Christianity than the future of the German or the Dane. A Bishop will rejoice at the conversion of a Senegalese witch doctor more than he ever will at a growing family of unbelieving Norwegians.
We are currently faced with the problem of trying to overcome Christian influence and its heavy contribution to White pathological behaviors and traits.
There is a long history of Jewish antagonism towards Christianity, and I know that many in our movement have a reflexive defensiveness regarding the Christian faith based on this fact alone. But this opposition had less to do with Jesus of Nazareth (Talmudic aspersions aside), and more to do with Jewish confrontations with the social cohesiveness of Europeans who happened to be Christians and the threat to the Jewish group strategy posed by evangelism and conversion.
Modern Christianity has indeed found its “personal Jesus,” and this is a Jesus that poses no threat to Judaism, and it has in fact evolved into an entity that serves Jewish interests very well. This is Jesus the Jew, Jesus the Refugee, and Jesus the Forgiver. Jews and Israel are praised and supported by almost every mainstream church, and the churches are at the forefront of displacing the European peoples from their ancient homelands. Jews and Christians are now very good friends indeed.




Endnote by Lasha Darkmoon

As a Roman Catholic myself, I hate to say bad things about my Pope. I feel a bit guilty about this. So why am I taking a stance against the Supreme Pontiff who sits on the throne of St Peter like an emperor in purple robes?
Quite simply, because I have lost faith in the man. I no longer see him as a wise pastor but as an infiltrator from the Jewish camp. An ecclesiastical “emperor without his clothes”.
The Pope’s declaration to the head of the World Jewish Council, Ronald S. Lauder, quoted above, that anyone who criticizes Israel is an evil “anti-Semite” is a craven capitulation to the traditional enemies of Christianity. How can the Holy Father think it is wrong to speak out against Israel’s war crimes in Gaza? Take a look at these three shocking pictures linked below and then let this simple fact sink into your mind: The Pope believes you are under moral obligation to back the war criminals responsible for these atrocities:
1.  The mass murder of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza concentration camp: for the controversial cartoon that the Jews wanted to see banned and that the Pope would rather you did not see, click HERE.  
2.  A Palestinian child with his arm chopped off by an Israeli settler: click HERE .
3.  A sexually depraved Israeli IDF officer who callously remarks that the thought of Palestinian children being burned alive in Gaza by illegal phosphorus bombs is enough to give her an “orgasm”: click HERE.
All these things the Israelis have done. Sickening atrocities beyond evil. According to the Pope, you must refrain from all negative criticism and, instead, love the people responsible for these abominations.
A final picture. Here is a Palestinian child whose head was blown off by an Israeli sniper. If you feel the slightest sympathy for this child and say one bad thing about Israel, you are a wicked Anti-Semite.
The Pope has said so.

Palestinian child whose head was blown off by an Israeli sniper

Are you guilty of “anti-Semitism” if you feel sorry for this child?


Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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