Are There Any “Good Jews”? — May 12, 2016

With anti Semitism growing, it is important to discern which Jews are part of the Illuminati (Sabbatean) conspiracy. 
In a 15-minute lecture, Allan Brownfeld describes Zionism as “a subversive force” which has corrupted Jewish life in America.
He says the silent majority of US Jews are Americans first and regard Judaism in religious rather than national terms.
There is a tendency in the “Truth Movement” to think all Jews are part of the satanist Jewish banker conspiracy. Life is simpler if you can say a whole race is  congenitally damned and regard exceptions as “gatekeepers.” People with grievances often are quick to victimize others.
While satanist Jews and Freemasons are indeed responsible for subverting humanity, many other Jews are not part of organized Jewry. In a poll, 69% defined being Jewish in terms of “leading a moral life” while only 43% referred to “caring about Israel.”
Most Jews are not Satanists, Communists or Freemasons. While the Jewish leadership does want to supplant God and enslave the goyim, most Jews are not aware of this. It is easier to manipulate people if they don’t know the final goal. Would you like to be blamed for American (Zionist) war crimes  you had no say in?
Their real fault lies in allowing Organized Jewry speak for them, which Allan Brownfeld addresses in the excerpt below.
In the past, Jews like Elmer BergerAlfred Lilienthal, Myron Fagan, Benjamin Freedman and Henry Klein have been outspoken opponents of Zionism and defenders of Palestinian rights. In the dark days ahead, it would be a mistake to overlook a potential ally: the anti Zionist Jew.
Just as Christians or Muslims are not monolithic, Jews are individuals. Many are assimilated and identify with their fellow countrymen. Hopefully, we can refine our analysis to focus our disdain on the perps rather than on the dupes.  These perps include practically the whole Gentile leadership who are not Jews but Freemasons (Satanists) empowered by the Cabalist Jewish central banking cartel.

Zionism and Jewish Values: A Contradiction Exposed

By  Alan Brownfeld — (Excerpts by

The rise of Nazism and the Holocaust led many Jews to embrace Zionism and support the establishment of a Jewish state. One result, sadly, is that we have seen Judaism increasingly corrupted and politicized. Jewish religious bodies, ranging from Orthodox to Conservative to Reform, have embraced the notion that the State of Israel — not God — is, somehow, “central” to Judaism. The center of attention within the organized American Jewish community has not been the traditional Jewish commitment to God and to traditional Jewish moral and ethical values, but something far different. More and more thoughtful Jewish voices, in the U.S. and throughout the world, are increasingly using the term “idolatry” to describe the elevation of the State of Israel to the “central” position in Judaism.


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