Reflections on Karmic Memories

Comment — May 7, 2016


Sometimes things happen in life that we are at a loss to understand. Even when an explanation is staring us in the face, we might not see it because it doesn’t accord with prevailing beliefs.
In effect we can’t see the wood for the proverbial trees and this process of slow comprehension has on occasion been particularly prolonged for me. Sometimes years have turned into decades before understanding has finally dawned on me.
Once, one September night when I was ten-years-old I had a dream that changed my life. It was so vivid and sweeping that one can hardly even call it a dream; it’s probably best described as a vision.
It was nothing short of breathtaking and years later I was still in awe of what I had seen. Even though I didn’t have any idea what it meant, the memory of what I had experienced stayed with me. For decades until, when I was in my mid thirties, I finally began to comprehend what I had seen that September night in 1965.
I had seen a man dressed only in a loincloth and carrying a spear running across a sparse landscape. What I saw was in colour and detailed, so that I could see the fine particles of dust his feet kicked up as he strode out across open scrub land. My perspective circled him as he ran almost as if I were watching from a helicopter circling above, with the view shifting in and out.
What’s more this vision was suffused with deeply felt emotions.
The man was a simple hunter-gatherer who worshiped the sun (1). Every morning he would greet it as it rose above the horizon, with a sense of wonder and awe that I was able to experience. At the time I didn’t understand why but I was able to share what this simple hunter-gatherer had felt intensely.
I was ten-years-old and had never heard of reincarnation.
Moreover, there were elements in what I saw that night that seemed totally incongruous. For example at one point in the vision the hunter-gatherer watched men from a distance. What he saw left him bewildered.
They were different to him. They weren’t native Americans, like my hunter-gatherer, who I suspect lived in what is now modern Peru. Nor were they Europeans either. Whoever they were they were they wore headgear and clothing, the like of which I cannot pinpoint either culturally or historically.
What’s more they appeared to be taking measurements and surveying the landscape; although I do not know why they were doing this they were obviously not primitive aboriginal types.
At the time I had never heard of Atlantis. However, I suspect that many of the anomalies found in ancient South American cultures such as advanced building techniques, precise calendar and astronomical calculation actually originated in ancient Atlantis.
Atlantis also left a legacy in ancient Egypt and we have this is no less an authority than Plato. Although most modern academics tend to dismiss Plato’s claims about Atlantis.
Nonetheless, by the time I reached my mid thirties I had encountered more esoteric ideas so that the meaning of what I had seen that September night finally began to make sense.
The hunter-gatherer had been me in an earlier incarnation. That was why I was able share his experiences so intensely. They are what are referred to as Karmic memories and at a certain stage in every soul’s development they begin to return.
This often happens at critical phases in life, particularly at puberty. That’s why various cultures hold initiation rituals at this age. It’s not simply to mark the end of childhood but to prepare the youngster for higher knowledge that may be about to reawaken in them.
Or at least that was the original intention. Many cultures have long forgotten the spiritual significance behind the transition from childhood to adulthood. So that they now only focus on the physical aspects of a transition that is part of a deeper spiritual process.
At the time of the vision I was approaching my eleventh birthday and was just starting to notice the opposite sex. Girls were beginning to interest me, at least physically. Unfortunately this was in Britain in 1965, so there were few who could help me understand what I’d seen. As a result I spent the following decades in what was effectively a spiritual wilderness.
Still, what I saw that night remains with me as a momentous point when I left behind childhood and grew into manhood.
1) I should add two things in regard to this point. First, a mentor informed me that the spiritual impulse that was later embodied in Christianity had manifested before in the worship of the sun. Meaning that the simple-hunter gatherer I had seen, as primitive as he may have seemed, was a forerunner of later Christians.
However, even before Jesus Christ’s incarnation this form of spiritual practice was becoming redundant. By the time Christ walked upon the Earth many forms of sun worship had degenerated entirely into ritual human sacrifice, of the sort that was later widespread among the Aztecs.
In other words spiritual impulses move on and develop as humanity moves on and develops. But if we cling to religious practices, without understanding their inner meaning, they can lead us down a spiritually degenerate path. Like the ancient Aztecs or, as can been seen happening today, with much of the Catholic clergy and repeated reports of them preying on children sexually.

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