Dalai Lama – Saint or Prophesied Antichrist?

Henrymakow.com – May 7, 2016

Dalia LamaContributor KMG believes that the Dalai Lama is an Illuminati kingpin and possibly the Antichrist of Buddhist and Christian prophesy.
” Dalai Lama has many similarities with the Demon King of the Buddhist Prophecy.”

by KMG — (henrymakow.com)

After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took power in China, the Dalai Lama immediately forfeited Tibet´s sovereignty to China carte blanche. Later he went to Beijing for 11 months and spent time with the top leaders in Beijing.
One thing is certain, Beijing never touched Tibet as long as Dalai Lama lived there. As soon as he had left Tibet, they destroyed the whole country and 99.9% of the temples were ravaged. In the book “A Great Deception: The Ruling Lamas’ Policies” Dalai Lama says:
“It was only when I went to China in 1954-55 that I actually studied Marxist ideology and learned the history of the Chinese revolution. Once I understood Marxism, my attitude changed completely. I was so attracted to Marxism, I even expressed my wish to become a Communist Party member… I..went to China to meet chairman Mao. We had several good meetings.”
“I have heard chairman Mao talk on different matters and i received instructions from him. I have come to the firm conclusion that the brilliant prospects for the Chinese people as a whole are also the prospects for us Tibetan people; the Path of our entire country is our path and no other.”
Does anyone believe that Dalai Lama knew nothing of Marxism? Mao was an errand boy of the Lamas. The lamas had supported the Bolsheviks from day one in Russia. Mao never dared do anything in Tibet until after Dalai Lama had left. The actions of Mao and Dalai Lama speak for themselves.
Was Dalai Lama supported by the CIA? Yes, and he was supported by Beijing too and everything was a charade because both Beijing and the US were controlled from Tibet. The real truth about his flight suggested by Tibet opposition leaders is that Dalai Lama was scared of the Tibetan patriotic rebels killing him so he ran off to India. The Tibetans had already realized him being a real traitor.


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